Wednesday, March 30, 2011

gurt by sea

Well what do you when its cold, sprinkling rain and you have your new bargain finds on?
Yep! you guessed it...get out the camera and start snapping......once again good old Mami took the group shots....yeah props for my Mum going pro....nah but really it was really really good to spend the weekend with my cousins...I just dearly missed my little sister who is like 5 hours drive away studying....and the two other cousin sisters in New Zealand....Tarnz, Moana and Bullu *shouts* WISH YOU WERE HERE!!!

Top: Kmart $4
Skirt: Lilly and Lou $20
Cardigan: Rockmans $5
Bangles: City Chic $5
Glasses: Factory $15
Beenie: Uncle's fishing beenie (he'd wear it when he went out on the rocks fishing...miss you Uncle xo
Location: Wreck Bay Summercloud Beach, still pretty even though there was no sun out that day :( 

Niva and Sia's clothes and shoes...Kmart... stay tuned as well because Sia (the girl with the black beret on) is working on launching her new blog which features entire outfits on the cheap....this girl is a bargain fanatic but she is forever looking beautiful....I think her first series will be hot looks under $30. She will share her secrets and favourite places to shop in Sydney...but she is also attending the New York and Chicago trip so she might try to work her magic in a place she is not familiar with.... see still raving on about the trip...SORRY >.<

Big Love to all you lovely ladies.....

Falala Mele xo


  1. Great pics! And I heart your outfit! Looks like you ladies had a great time!

  2. go mum!! these pics are soooo great. REEEAAALLLLY COOL, man. :) <3 ya

  3. I adore these photos & your outfit is too cute bb :)

  4. Love this post and your Blog! Also,thanks for stopping by mine!

  5. Hi! Your blog is so much fun! :) These photos are so lovely.

  6. These photos makes me dream ! you're so Lucky ^^

  7. I've been looking all over for those pink all-stars! I saw them in a funky blue and said I would die if they had them in pink and here they are on your pretty feet! <33

    but anyways, I love your blog its always so colorful and fun!

  8. I picked them up for $30 at this converse outlet store...and I love them...I left them at home because where I am for work there is only red dirt everywhere >.<

  9. These shots are really good. Did you use photoshop to create this effect?

  10. @ squeeze the photoshop....Im too broke atm for that.......its an online editing

  11. these pink converse are cut! I like the outfit...casual and cool!