Friday, February 20, 2015

Super Sundays in London pt. 3 Brick Lane

A few Sundays ago, my friends and I wandered off to Brick Lane to eat some delicious food and to catch up with Beth and Dani as they were apart of a Plus Size Swap Sale. Since being in London for a few months, we've been hanging out with Tiffany of Fat Shopaholic. She's out in Brighton studying so she hasn't had a chance to catch up with the other London bloggers yet, so it was a nice chance to connect and meet other bloggers and babes from around London. 

Dealing with the winter and dressing for warmth has been a new experience for me. I swear I usually just throw on few things and I'm out the door but I've been bitter every time I've been fooled by the sunshine and decided to wear shorts or a dress.  Thankfully I've managed to find some comfy jeggings from New Look HERE and they've been a lifesaver in breaking the dull black leggings I wear to work daily. 

I picked up the blouse at ASDA on sale for like 8 pounds and my hat for 3 pounds at Monki. I've been dressing comfortably and casually and it's been great since we're walking all over London in and out of various tube stations. Some people will sacrifice comfort for beauty but I'm far too practical for that life. 

We stopped off to grab a bite to eat in the old Truman Brewery where there are loads of amazing food stalls before heading to the swap/sale. I picked up a few cute pieces but mainly enjoyed meeting old and new friends and hanging out with my London sisters. The event had a lovely kick back vibe and everyone picked up a little something from the sale. WINNING all around!
Top George / Jeans New Look / Jacket Kmart / Hat Monki / Shoes Converse / Bag Gola

 Sister Style - Skirt Thrifted / Top Monki / Cardigan Thrifted / Boots New Look


Find my friends and sister on instagram- @sikilou @miss_magenta_ @rhiiila @tiffany104

Big love,

Falala Mele

Monday, February 16, 2015

Super Sundays in London pt.2

Thrifted Rose Cardigan / Primark Scarf / Bargain Shop Scarf / Glasses Portobello Rd

Ever Sunday we try to make the most of sleepy London. If you get up early and leave the house by 9am, you can see a whole lot without having to put up with the crowded tube and congested spaces around highly popular places. So it's usually galleries or places we want to visit and we all kind of decide throughout the week where we want to go. Our free time is precious and we always try to have a game plan to ensure that we don't waste it.

Last Super Sunday went like this.

  • Leave Leyton
  • Bethnal Green to check out Judy's Affordable Vintage- It costs 1 pound after midday and while it's not as cheap as the vintage kilo sale there is an impressive selection with a few 5 pound racks. I picked up a lovely vintage candy coloured Aloha shirt for 5 pounds. You can also sit down and enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake for 4 pounds. All served in beautiful vintage tea china. 
  • On our way out a lady gave us a pamphlet to check out a kilo sale down the road. I found a lovely patterned vest that reminded me off the  popular 90's surf brand Kuta Lines and a 1994 Dallas Cowboys Superbowl Sweater.
  • Went on to Liverpool Street tube to visit Dennis Severs joint for a interesting time warp to see what life would have been like back in 1724. The house feels as though it's been kept sealed with EVERYTHING in it's place. Only lit by candles and a few small fires, you are asked to walk through without talking and you are left to wonder through the three levels and your own leisure. We all agreed it was so interesting and creepy at the same  time but it was definitely an interesting immersive experience. 
  • After that we were feeling hungry so we wandered over to the Spitalfields Markets for our fave food at Leon. I got me a falafel hot box and and delicious red velvet cupcake from Lola's

All in all another cool Super Sunday with my friends in a place that is now starting to feel like home. 

Big love,