Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have found that my favourite floral thrifted finds are my 'go-to- essentials' when I want to be not- so- boring with my casual attire. I always dress for comfort and I was running around town doing errands and op-shopping with my sister. My oversized top is an old City Chic item that could basically be a dress. I wore just some basic black tights and my favourite full black chucks that I found for $30 when I was purchasing my new pair of exercise shoes. I love them and I seem to be wearing them a lot. So all in all a pretty basic boring black outfit until I chuck on my pretty floral jacket. Its light so its good because the weather here in Australia has been pretty unpredictable of late. 
One minute it's sunny and the next minute it is pouring down rain.

I also wore my $2 chain earrings I found at the Salvo's store and my $5 pair of glasses. I've wanted a pair like this for a while but I haven't really been shopping at shopping centres at all since last years Buy Nothing New challenge. I was pleasantly surprised to find them at Diva (actually is was 3 items for $10).

What are your go-to items that transform a pretty basic outfit option into something a little more special?

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. Hi!
    *waving* Newbie to your blog
    You are so beautiful!!! Teach me! LOL
    I looooove when thrifted items become essentials. I feel so smart for saving and looking chic!
    Loving the lip color too!
    Off to check out that "Buy Nothing New Challenge"
    ... It may be just what I need. SMH :D

    1. Hi Gabrielle! So nice to meet you :) The buy nothing new challenge was really good for me because I basically get all my clothes from opshops now with the exception of a few basic items. I love it....Im currently planning of visiting new york this july so Im on the hunt for a new wardrobe for then! Thanks so much for commenting and following xo

    2. So nice to "meet" you too!
      I am loving all of your pics!!
      I really want to try this challenge.... Its such a money saver!!
      And here in NY I definitely have access to a lot of thrift or as you call them "opshops".
      You should let me know when you'll be in NY and I'll take you to one of my gem thrift stores in Brooklyn!!!
      It would be my pleasure girl!

    3. Oh my goodness that would be AMAZING!!! Yes please! I will be in NY in summer...from early July (like the 1st and we will be staying for 2 weeks!) This makes me even more excited to come...Are you from Brooklyn? I have only been once before but I wanted to spend more time in Brooklyn because everyone says that's where it at!!!

    4. Lets keep in touch for sure!
      Two weeks is more than enough time for me to take you to at least 2 cool spots!
      I just found out that the plus sized thrift store Redress just closed its doors, but I have a few more spots in my pocket, :D
      I'm Trinidadian but I live in Brooklyn and it is surely one of the coolest areas in NY especially if you wanna hang with the brown people, lol. That's so bad but so true.
      If you're here July 1st I can take you somewhere that Saturday the 7th that I think you would truly enjoy.
      Also there's 4th of July so BBQ's galore.
      And the International African Arts Festival happens that week (amazing outdoor festival with vendors selling jewelry clothing etc etc ETC from all over the world!
      Lets plan this Mele! I'm Gabby by the way, hee hee.
      I would love to meet you and hear more about your neck of the woods!

  2. Love this outfit....seems so casual yet so put together....height of chic!

    For me, my go-to items have to be a pair of gold fretwork earrings I've got and a pair of purple/pink/black shoes I've got. Not together of course! But when I use either of them as an outfit basis, I tend to get good comments!

    1. Hey Sarah, yes its funny how something so simple like a pair of shoes or earrings can make all the difference in an outfit. Hows the weather now? Is it starting to warm up over there yet? Im hoping to come over to the UK next year to teach a bit and travel.....we must definitely hang out!