Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Summer pt.2

This is what it's all about....late nights with family and friends enjoying each others company and just clowning around.

Are your favourite summer memories made up with moments like mine?

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

ps. LOL at my backward self posting Summer Pt.3 before Summer pt.2


My cousin, sister and friend Ruth set out to visit Cabramatta the other weekend to purchase some material for my cousin Sia's graduation party (post coming soon). I love visiting Cabramatta because it is so rich with colour, sound, food and vibrancy. People sell their fresh produce on the street and there are loads of fruit and vegetable stores jam packed with fresh produce that you won't find in Woolworths. It always fun to visit the various bakeries and choose something new to taste.

After we purchased the material we wondered over to Breadtop (seriously I have a terrible weakness for this place) and I brought a spicy beef bun. Now while this is shamelessly processed and sugar loaded (yes it basically had no nutritional value and or benefit) I just had to have one. I also managed to taste the other wonderful items that my family chose (the Vanilla custard buns were A-MAAAZ-ING!) before heading off to lunch and we finished off our walking/ unplanned eating tour of Cabramatta with a frozen yogurt topped off with pomegranate (first time having it and I have found a new love!). All in all a wonderful (and calorie filled day >,< ).

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have found that my favourite floral thrifted finds are my 'go-to- essentials' when I want to be not- so- boring with my casual attire. I always dress for comfort and I was running around town doing errands and op-shopping with my sister. My oversized top is an old City Chic item that could basically be a dress. I wore just some basic black tights and my favourite full black chucks that I found for $30 when I was purchasing my new pair of exercise shoes. I love them and I seem to be wearing them a lot. So all in all a pretty basic boring black outfit until I chuck on my pretty floral jacket. Its light so its good because the weather here in Australia has been pretty unpredictable of late. 
One minute it's sunny and the next minute it is pouring down rain.

I also wore my $2 chain earrings I found at the Salvo's store and my $5 pair of glasses. I've wanted a pair like this for a while but I haven't really been shopping at shopping centres at all since last years Buy Nothing New challenge. I was pleasantly surprised to find them at Diva (actually is was 3 items for $10).

What are your go-to items that transform a pretty basic outfit option into something a little more special?

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Monday, February 6, 2012

graduation class of 2011

I just wanted to share a few pictures of two separate graduations this year. The first was my sister's graduation and she graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and my cousin Sia who graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing. I was so proud to see them in their cap and gown after all the hard work and hours of last minute cramming and referencing; but more than that, I am proud of what they have chose to become. Workers in our community who exist to help others.

They won't be chasing big salaries and luxurious promotions (some people were built for that, and they are fulfilled by the career climb), by my sisters will aim to educate and inspire those around them to grow and change for the better. Did I mention how proud of them I am?

Thank God I am done with study at the moment. The only thing I really miss is having so many friends around me all the time. College really was a never ending fountain of good times, late nights, binge eating, prank playing and  a clothes sharing bonanza. Oh how I miss all my college girls <3

Mad love for all Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Humanitarians, Volunteers, Missionaries, Social Workers and people who seek change and a better future.

Falala Mele xo

Thursday, February 2, 2012

High Tea in Samoa

Hello to my lovely readers! I seriously can't believe that it is February already. My December and January were soooo jammed packed that I am trying to sort out things out and figure out all the things that I need to share with you guys. Here are some photos of the lovely High Tea we had at Plantation House Samoa. It was so beautiful and we were extremely lucky to walk in on the right day (I think it was a Wednesday) at the right time on the very day they had a cancellation.
When we arrived we immediately felt transported to another time. Ella Fitzgerald was playing in the background; and the attention to detail in both the environment and service made us all feel like true ladies. We were saying "Imagine what it would have been like here in the late 50's early 60's?"....gosh I'm sure it would have been truly beautiful. It was my first ever high tea and I think it has set the standard quite high.

The delicious scones were wrapped up ever so beautifully.
Our host Marita was so welcoming and happy to converse with us and serve us. She made all of the delicious things you can see here; the quiche, cucumber sandwiches, egg and mint sandwiches, rum-less balls, cream puffs, chocolate cake, but the absolute standout for me personally was the lime curd.....HELL TO THE YIZZAYYY that was beautiful! Can you see in  the background that we totally demolished that sweet-buttery delight!

Our beautiful host joined us for a chat after our tummies were full and told us stories about each piece of china on our table and its own history, stories about her life and arriving in Samoa as a young bride from New Zealand, tales of travel and Samoan history. It was really very special to hear the old stories about they way things were. If for some reason you end up in Samoa, you really must pay her a visit. It was only $35 tala per person so it is extremely affordable and you leave feeling a little bit fancier.

The glorious scones and lime curd.

Well it was extremely humid being the tropical season but I still wanted to feel like a lady so I wore my thrifted white blouse ($1) and I tucked it into my   K-mart polk-a-dot skirt ($10). I wore my jandals because it is the islands after all and of course I never went anyways without my fan. Its really simple but it was comfortable and it might be the only official outfit shot from my whole trip.
Big Love,

Falala Mele xo