Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Munchin' Out. 1

So I love food.....I think my love for food has developed into a real joy and love for cooking. I mean I don't wanna be no Masterchef but I like the fact that I can prepare something that I genuinely love to eat....and this can take some skill when your trying to make things YUMMY as well as healthy.

I really love cooking for family and friends but it's also the event of eating with people and the conversations that move fluidly throughout the table as the passing of food around occurs like a merry little dance. 

My biggest challenge when it comes to maintaining a healthy (or at least healthier) lifestyle is eating in moderation the things that I  L O V E!! I honestly could be happy eating bread and pasta and cheese and nuts for the rest of my life.....But that wouldn't do my insides (and my outside) much good.
My Doctor recommended that I go on a Low GI diet as it helps you to loose weight (well duh...all diets do that I guess) so I try to avoid high GI foods most days....I mean if I'm out and somebody orders a delicious garlic bread or pasta....this girl ain't saying no that....but when I shop I try to fill my trolley with live stuff (mainly fruit and veg) because I believe this stuff will give my body the nutrients and fibre it needs. 

So most days I try to avoid bread, potatoes, pasta, cooked carrot, corn and peas (apparently high GI foods) and when I'm craving bread I try to opt for the most healthiest option and for pasta I either get Spelt  or Quinoa  pasta and I have made fresh lasagna sheets out of Lupin Flour  as well.

My weekly meals are split between vegetarian and meat options...I like both and they usually have broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower (I'm not in love with it....its fresh and cheap where I am living ATM) capsicum, onion, garlic, Asian greens (when available) and frozen spinach (I never see the fresh stuff if Farmer Jacks)......I REALLY REALLY MISS fresh sweet tomatoes, mushrooms, fresh sprouts and bean shoots, yummy salad leaf mixes (its the good old ice-berg lettuce and that's all) and fresh herbs...mainly basil and coriander...the both make everything fresher and better.

I would be EXTREMELY HAPPY if you fed me any of the following:
Bruschetta (soooo easy....but the taste in insane)
Anything with an amazing bolognaise sauce
Homemade pizza with HEAPS of garlic, fresh tomato and basil
Lamb or Chicken Curry
Rice (with any delicious sauce)
A wheelbarrow full of cashews, pistachios, peanuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts, almonds

But my body tells me I should only have them sometimes....not never....but not all the time either (DAMMIT >,<).

I also cook with loads of lentils, because they fill me up and they are good for me and with the colder weather setting it....I just soak them overnight....chop up and vegetables that I have and chuck it all in the rice cooker with stock.... easy as.... OKAY well I'm so off track.....See! I can go on and ON AND ON about food. But I wont. Oh but I also try avoid sugar....or as my Dad likes to call it "The white plague". I'm not crazy strict about it (I honestly love food and eating too much to deny EVERYTHING) but I find I really enjoy food a lot more because when I go out and I order something special and I don't feel guilty because for most part....I eat okay.

The above photo is Lamb and Lentil Curry with spelt flour, chia and garlic rotti (if you haven't looked into spelt flour and chia seeds you should really do it....they are SO GOOD for you!). I thought I'd be bad ass and have some carrot in it as well......I was sad I had no potato in it so at least the carrots made up for that whilst the lentils thickened it the same way the potatoes do. IT WAS YUMMY!

Big Flavour, 

Falala Mele


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  2. Sounds like you are a very healthy eater and a great little chef to boot! Believe it or not...I don't eat much and I don't really eat bad...I just don't exercise...AT ALL!! I love curry! YUM! I can't do lamb or deer. I just can't get past what it is and lamb has a very distinct smell! I pretty much eat nothing but chicken! I love nuts too and fruit but of course I put chili powder on my fruit so I make it bad for me! haha Thank you for your sweet comment. I got the playsuit in a size US22 but I should have got US20 because it is too big. I am a solid 18/20 in normal US clothing but ASOS sizes vary so much. I have learned the following works for me with pants/shorts/skirts and jumpsuits(from ordering so much from them) if it has an elastic waist go with a size my case a US22. If it doesn't have elastic then I go with with your normal size my case US20. When it does not have elastic in the waist I have found that the waist is going to be HUGE because nothing is restricting it!! I am 5'8" tall and I have an ample booty so I always worry about things being too tight in the booty or too short so I tend to buy things a bit larger on purpose. Their tops have run true to size for me so far...US20. To answer your specific question: there is no stretch in this playsuit it is a rayon/poly blend I think. Kiah

  3. oh cool....thanks! I ordered it but I might have to go a size down.... as for the eating.....I try to be mindful....oh my 4 years in college :o ...I think I have only just realised how cruel I living off noodles, and late night maccas runs with all my tiny friends who like to eat loads.... so now Im trying not to be ignorant when it comes to food... and chilli powder on the fruit??? that is so interesting.... why is bad??? just curious.. Thanks so much for the advice on the playsuit....I just couldnt wait!

  4. It looks yummy!!! And I love your blog!

  5. whoa mele! you can cook for me any day! your nutrition plan is off the chains and it sound super delicious



    we should live together ;)

  7. You are so pretty....