Saturday, January 28, 2012

yeah we still have sleepovers

My friends and I, we still have sleepovers (although not nearly enough....its only ever so often now that we have all graduated and no longer live in dorms together). When we get together it's as if we never left. There's eating, laughing, we play dress ups and of course our all time favourite thing to do.....we take silly photos.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Monday, January 23, 2012

"Boom boom boom, I want you in my room"

Hello my lovely ones. How are you all? Did anyone recognise the lyric that titled my post? I don't know about you and your country, but when I was a teenager in Australia we liked nothing better than to move our body to some Vengaboys. I know they were well liked by my cousins and I and we knew all the words and we basically just dug them, A LOT. So to our excitement, coming back with the surge of all things 90's (and with a last minute on the day decision; we texted our friends scattered around Wollongong and Sydney and planned road trip up to New Castle- the Sydney show was sold out) to catch The Vengaboys live!

Would it be terrible like Whitney Houston and Boy George when they returned to Australia? Would it be full of oldies trying to reclaim their youth? Can we verify the rumours that the two girl singers really were men? We waited and endured the horrible pre-show line up, we danced to the awesome 90's music and early 2000's like we were at our high school discos and early clubbing days and we were so FRIKKEN HAPPY when they graced the stage to sing all their hits (well they mimed a few but it was still cool seeing them do their thing right in front of us). There was no fancy lighting and back drops, just a reason for friends to scramble together, take a roadtrip and dance our asses off to our old favourite songs. I loved The Vengaboys.

First to arrive and take over the dancefloor :)

Sorry about the photo quality. These pics were taken on my sisters little point and shoot camera but don't you just love the costumes?

What I wore:
My jacket was second hand. I could fill a whole plastic bag for $2 and this was one of the things that I shoved into it. I love the colour, and the shoulders and the buttons....
my skirt was actually I dress that I picked up for $1 I think. I loved the pattern and it was a long flowy dress but it was so narrow and made for a tiny waist. But I brought it anyways because I knew I could do something with it. So I chopped it off at the waist and sewed it with an elastic waist. Bag is thrifted. My earrings were also shoved in the $2 bag but I don't know if you can see them clearly...they are really cool like an old chain from the 80's.

We stopped in Sydney and got ready in my cousin's garage because no one was home.
Hair was chucked up quickly and sprayed in place with my friends hairspray. It was a last minute "please bring hairspray if you haven't already left" text, and as always they came through.
That's why I love them so.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

summer pt.1

So I have been super busy. After Christmas I flew to Brisbane to catch up with my friends Ruth and Lino for New Years and was surprised with a ticket out to Samoa again! We had so much fun in November so they thought it would be good to escape to island paradise again. I have to sort through my pics and post soon but I will just load some pics from a family BBQ with all my cousins. While I was away in Samoa one of the boys taught me how to play a few songs on the ukelele (it was Sunday and everything was shut and I was insanely bored because my friends were sleeping in the hotel room, so I asked to play with his ukelele), it really is so easy to play and I was happy to return home to find that my sister had learnt a bunch of songs. My other cousins returned back from the holiday in Hawaii with a new uke so we bascially had a ukelele playing BBQ!


I have been so bad at keeping up with my blog; perhaps the worst I have ever been. So to break this funk I just need to post something. I hope you are all well and happily tackling 2012. So many of my facebook friends are statusing positively about their goals and the challenge that lie ahead for 2012. I am very excited although my plans are up in the air. I planned to work casually teaching in local schools to save enough money to move to the UK for a few months to live and travel through Europe. All that depends on the fingers crossed.

Late night summer cruises with the girls <3

I'm trying to get back to my healthy habits and it is a big challenge after the relaxed holiday season....but I have been inspired to get back to it by all my blogger buddies...especially Daisy :) You go girl...looking and feeling fab I bet. Anyways to my readers new and old, I wish you all the best (I know I'm so late) for the year that lies ahead.

Meet baby Lisala. This is our sistergirl Ane's new bubbah <3 so precious

Much Love,

Falala Mele