Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sticker booth

Its been ages since I have last posted.....its a loooooong story.... but I have been meaning to post some sticker photo booth pics that I have found online. The last four years of college and more times since have been recorded on a sometimes weekly basis with pics taken at timezone for the cost of a few bucks split between us.... I don't know why I love them so much...... it kinda seems like the last daggy thing we have left to mark our youth, friendship and fashions..... when I was young I remember sitting by the radio chewing my paper to stick in the old Amway tape cassette in the hopes of catching my new favourite song off the radio straight from America on the "Rick Dee's Weekly Top 40".
Record, stop, rewind..... YES!!! I love my new song and it recorded well :)

Now my niece stores her music and pics on her Itouch with the fancy instant edit applications......she takes her pics on this device as well..... but there is something so unforgettable about trying to squeeze as many friends in the photo booth and then for the quick two second re-arrange before the next precious pic is taken..... you don't get 100 retakes until you look hot, like you do on your Itouch..... you only get 8 shots, so you gotta make it good....and then comes the negotiation with everyone.. "NO not this pic, I look rotten" "Yeah but I like this one, QUICK 30 seconds left to choose and edit"........7 minutes later you have your precious piece of sticker paper that must first be scanned if possible before the divide occurs between friends.......

I have many sticker photos that lay around my room, in old purses school books and shoe boxes... all which bring a smile to my face and a flood of memories of "that time" when we jumped in the photo booth with so and so......I <3 sticker booths.... I wanna buy one for my house if I ever have enough money just lying around.....don't mind me... I'm just laughing at my cool styles with the stripped polo and black trucker hat......

<3 Falala Mele xo