Sunday, October 28, 2012

Aussie Curves: Skirts

Jacket: Thrifted $3 / Baby pink blouse: Thrifted $4 / Skirt: City Chic $10 / Bag and Earrings Thrifted too.

Skirt = lifesaver.

Whenever I have nothing to wear I dig through my closet and find one of my three faithful black skirts all from City Chic. This one was the latest purchase (even though I brought it a while ago) from the Campbelltown City Chic outlet store and I love the way it falls and it makes me waist appear smaller.

Skirts always seem to help me out of outfit dilemmas. They are reliable and you can switch it up as many times as you like by adding a different top, jacket and accessories.

 I wore this outfit when my family and I went to watch The Sapphires and we all channelled a little old school lady feel. See my sister's look and her post on it HERE.

If you have been following along the Aussie Curves fun, why don't you take the plunge and join in this week.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aussie Curves: Breaking the Rules

I have really enjoyed everyones take on Breaking the Rules. It's interesting to see our own personal list of what we do and what we never do. For me, when I was younger, I would look at all my cousins and wish for beautiful clothes.

I would annoy them to let me do their makeup and convince them to buy clothes they would never buy because I promised them that it was 'cool'. From the get-go before I even realised it, I admired style and clothes that could transform you into something much cooler than what we really were. This is what dress-ups is all about.

I used to wear what would cover me. If it looked decent and it hid me enough than I didn't mind. Now I don't really abide by any fashion do's and don'ts. I wear what makes me feel 'cool'. Instead of listening to what the world dictates, I have a list of my own don'ts because certain things just don't make me feel cool.

1) Jeans or denim. Just never did anything for me. I love seeing them on another women but on me... SMH. Kinda like a no deal.

2) White glasses. I just cringe and my friends and I have a little running joke. It used to be the coolest shit going in high school when everyone paid like $200 to get a pair of white Oakleys but ever since then, whenever I see them I just think 'Who would buy that?'

3) Maxi dresses. Again another thing I admire on women who can carry the amazing feminine look. I just feel swallowed by it and being the shorty that I am, I tend to keep things short around my legs to create the illusion of a longer (or at least not shorter torso).

So anyways before I left to New York this year I went to St. Marys to get my lashes done and I saw this pair of white glasses. I don't know why but I thought they were cool and going against all my own rules I brought them.

Also needed a pair of shorts for work. So I just brought a cheap pair of jeans from K-mart on the slight chance that I might actually wear them and if I didn't then it would only be a loss of $15.

So here I am, breaking my own rules. I dig the shorts. I cut them and rolled the bottom. I will hem them when I find the time to plug in my sewing machine but I find I wear these shorts most weekends now. So I guess it's good to switch things up a little otherwise we'd always be the same.

White Glasses $6 St. Marys Bargin Shop / Earrings Vinnies $2

Thrifted: Blouse $2 / Coin Chain $3

Jeans (cut and bottoms rolled) Kmart $15 / Maroon Brogues $30 Rivers

Big Love,

Falala Mele 

Friday, October 26, 2012

I heart my body 2012

This body of mine, was created in flesh
stitched together in the womb of my mother
a descendent of royalty

A new heart, a new mind 
this body of mine, eyes so ample and feet so free
I live abundantly 

This body of mine, resilient and strong
 destroyed by sickness, plauged and weak
now moves with strength and purpose

Forgiving me when I didn't know any better
this body of mine, carries me
and moves me with others

The world will measure and see what it wants
but this body of mine is a contributor
to life

For I touch, I teach, I make, I know
I run, I respond, I wonder, I try

This body of mine
imperfect and judged
stitched and healed

But I go, I think, I care, I learn
I taste, I refuse 

and still
I talk, I listen, I serve, I sing
I feel, I love, I change
I stand

Rebuke the struggle and worthless standards
 move in the glory of your Maker 

I am more than my body and I will not be measured by it
I am 
what I give 
unto the world.

But this body of mine
Is mine after all




Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Saturday, October 20, 2012

BNNM: Local Farmers Market

One of the great things about living in Mildura is the crazy amount of fresh produce available to us. It's so nice to eat with the seasons. It's fresh and great quality produce. During winter we has loads of pumpkin soup because we could pick up huge pumpkins for $5. Last weekend I wandered down to the Mildura local farmer markets and soaked up the sunshine. Each week we have Sunday markets either in Mildura, Merbein and Red Cliffs.

When you buy local you are supporting local jobs and businesses. You are cutting down transportation costs and you know where your products come from. Local is good and they care about customer satisfaction. Need any more reasons?

I love chatting to the local vendors. I walked away with some fresh sugar snap peas, avocados, passion fruits and carrots. Each week there is something different and it depends on what is available and that's half the fun of it. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of fresh tomatoes. HELLOOOOOO bruschetta!

Big Love,

Falala Mele 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Aussie Curves: Knits for Melbourne

A few weeks ago I made a quick weekend trip to Melbourne. The main reason for the trip was a private family matter but it also worked out well for a few of my Sydney girls to make it that weekend.
So it really did turn into a little mini-reunion for my college sisters and I.
 The weather was sooooo cold. I really struggled with it. I just wanted to shut down and lie in bed.
But it's nothing a lil midnight-hot soup in Chinatown-couldn't fix. We only had two short days with months to catch up on, so I just had to soldier on.

Of course the cold Melbourne weather insisted that I packed only my warmest clothes and even though I layered and added more layers, I still found myself shivering. After day 1 I refused to be as cold the next day so I wore my thermal ski jacket that I found in Sydney at a Salvos store. It looks like something they would wear at Kodiak Valley (Hot Tub Time Machine) and that is not a bad thing for me! It was only $4 and I was instantly drawn to it because of the bold pattern and colour. The shiny army green material is not something I usually like but the pattern was just too good to give up.

My lovely friends xo ILYG

Thermal Ski Jumper Thrifted / Tights Kmart / Shoes Converse / Glasses Equip

The thermal underlay is covered with a woollen knit and it really did stay true to its word as it kept me warm and happy. My cupboard is full of lovely knits that I have picked up from second hand shops. The quality is superior and I often find hand knitted jumpers that have never been worn. I found a lovely oversized black one during the last school holidays with a silver glitter in the wool. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet but I just love how they trap the heat.

To my US readers who are gearing up for the colder weather: What are your favourite knits and how do you wear them? Excited to see what our other Aussie Curves ladies put together this week.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Sunday, October 14, 2012

BNNM: How to buy a pre-loved present

Hello lovely ones,

One of the biggest challenges when participating in the BNNM is trying to stick to it when other things pop up. Birthdays usually mean the purchase of a gift for a friend. You couldn't possible give your friend something second hand. That would be tacky. They wouldn't like it right?


Yeah yeah's the thought that counts blah blah blah. But seriously buying a good present is a skill. You have to think about the person, their interests, what they have, what they don't have, what they like and of course the budget.

On my last birthday I received perhaps the BEST present I have ever gotten. My friend Moala sent a big box with me as I made the move to Mildura and I waited to open it when I got into my new house. With each item I picked out of the box I thought "Yes! You know what I like!".

I think if someone gets you something that let's you know that they know what you like, then your job is done.

Wrapped beautifully in some newspaper ;)
Instead of buying tissue paper she wrapped it in this beautiful scarf.
Loads of gems inside. This vintage buckle bag, AMAZING glasses and one of the many fab pieces I got.

Moala works at a radio station in Sydney so she gave me some CDs she scored from work. YAY country music ;)

Five gifts that won't break the bank but still mean a lot
  1. Photos of special moments. Many people take loads of photos but hardly anyone ever prints them off. I usually go to my local opshop and find a beautiful frame and fill it with a special memory.
  2. Cook breakfast, lunch or dinner. You have to eat right? Why not spoil them with something you made.
  3. I personally love letters. I cherish all my 3 shoeboxes full of high school moments and memories on each page of scribbled handwriting. The conversation was riveting. Who loved who, who wore what, who kissed who. But that was our youth. We were still innocent, calling our friends houses for a three way chat and collecting tazos. We were still listening to Rick Dees and recording our favourite songs onto tapes. Now days kids get texts and pictures. Just not the same. Write a letter to your friend and fill it with special moments or special nothings that will one day mean something as they open it up 10 years later. I scanned all my old letters I got from my BFF and made a photo collage for her birthday. She loved it!

4.Vintage bags. While some people get all freaky when it comes to second hand things, most people cannot turn down a beautiful vintage bag. There is usually 1 or 2 quality bags when I visit a second hand store and prices start from around $5
5. Pick some flowers. It's spring. Go for a walk and pick some. My Mum has been filling our house with loads of flowers from her morning walks. She put some in my room when I went home for the holidays and it was so nice. Get an old glass jar and tie and ribbon around it. People love flowers.

What about blokes? Wash their car. It's a nice gesture and it leaves them with one less thing to do.

Big Love,

Falala Mele

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Buy Nothing New Month is back!

Hello lovely ones, How are you all? I'm sooooo excited (even though I am a little late) to announce that Buy Nothing New Month is back HERE . Ever since I took up the pledge last year I can gladly say that those habits I formed within the last October, have stuck with me throughout the entire year.

 My wardrobe is now 90% chock a block with thrifted/opshop one-of-a-kind pieces and I just can't stop encouraging others to do the same. On my trip to New York and Vegas in July, nearly all of my pieces were sourced from second hand stores and I even managed to shop in some over there ;)

 I take extra care to turn off all the lights, recycle and I always think before I spend my hard earned money. I save for things I need because I really hate unnecessary bills. Even though these are simple things that we all should already do; the truth is that most of us don't and being mindful of my purchases helped me to unconsciously be mindful in other daily tasks.

 So I know you think a whole month (well it's less now) feels like an almost impossible task to buy nothing new, but in reality it really is only a few days. Just do it! Be responsible and accountable for your finances. Put your credit cards aside or better yet cut them up and if you really need it you can get another one.

 Buy nothing new.

 Buy what you NEED.

 Buy local.

 Buy smart.

 If you are currently buying nothing new please let me know. 
I would love to share your experiences and or blog posts on here.

Big Love,

Falala Mele

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aussie Curves: Blue Lady Antebellum

Hello Lovely ones! 

This week marks the end of my school holidays :'( so its back to work for me tomorrow. 
I took an 8am flight out of Sydney to Melbourne and caught the 10:30am flight all the way back to Mildura. So I'm sad to be leaving all my Sydney-siders for another 10 weeks. 

My 2 weeks were jammed packed with outings and catch-ups and lunches and dinners so I guess it will be good to get back into my normal routines and my controlled cupboards ;)

Anyways this weeks challenge is Blue and I planned to wear a gorgeous vintage blue pussy bow dress to my friends wedding but the weather was warmer than I anticipated and I didn't want to be melting at my friends wedding so I didn't wear the dress. I will have to save it for another occasion I guess.

On a brighter note I finally made it to one of my opshops. I didn't get to scour them all as I planned but I made it to my favourites Mickey and Mallory and the local Salvation Army store. I found this pretty blue blazer at the Salvos and it was only $3.50! I wore it with another opshop favourite of mine; this pink and brown rose blouse. This ensemble is comfortable and I love how blazers can transform and smarten up any basic outfit. I wore my converse chucks because I was catching public transport into the city to watch one of my most favourite bands at the moment and I just didn't feel like donning a pair of wedges or sandals. I mean any excuse to wear a pair of chicks. I also thought of Closet Confession's October Blaze challenge HERE. So two birds with one stone. Gotta be happy with that right! 

Also October marks the start of Buy Nothing New Month. So before you make a purchase why not take the time to consider if the item is an essential or whether you could swap, borrow or buy it second hand. If you want to participate you can actually win a monetary prize so all the more reason to buy nothing new this October. It's only 4 short weeks and a challenge worth taking.

Those who know me are aware of my love for music and a special place in my heart is reserved for country music. Raised up on it because my Uncle would play all the old classics on all our road trips. Soooo I nearly passed out in class when I saw that Lady Antebellum had tickets on sale. I had no idea they were even coming to Australia. Thank goodness for credit cards because I managed to get 2 tickets to the 3rd and final show of their Own The Night World Tour.

Blazer: Salvos $3.50 Blouse: Opshop $2.00 Tights: Target $10.00 Chain: $2.00 Opshop Shoes: Converse

The concert was sooooooo very good! Lady Antebellum were so much fun with loads of audience interaction. They even sang American Honey acoustically. I was just saying to my sister a few months ago "I'd die if I got to see them live" seriously though I woke up the next three days hearing their songs replay in my head. Definitely the highlight of my school holidays. Planning to go see Boyz to Men in November and the Made in the 90's concert this coming December. Sooooo excited to see Colour Me Bad. How about you guys? Any concerts or upcoming gigs you are looking forward to?

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dinner with the girls

I'm in love with this floral blazer and it reminded me of all the cool floral shit from the 90's (hence my lipstick  colour too). I found this at one of my local opshops and I can finally wear it since the weather is warming up here :)

 Dinner and dancing with the ladies at Chilli Jam in Parramatta.

Fun times with my lovely ones.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo