Wednesday, March 16, 2011

peace and love

Well the sun has gone once again and the cooler weather made me want to rug up again. There are two things that I love to collect and wear....the first is sunglasses.
I have purchased two new pairs in the last two days. I cant wait to wear my new super colourful clear specks from Equip and I paid $20 for them (I never pay that much for sunnies so I must really love them).
I also love to wear beanies and or head bands/scarves/wraps......this beanie that I'm wearing is my sisters purchase from Cotton On.... I usually annoy my Ma to crochet me a heap in different colours before winter... outfit is kinda boring but I only went to town to pick up a few things...

Off clothes and onto other things.... I know there are a lot of big world problems at the moment, but just watching the news had made me so sad. The first was the beating resulting in death of Iasinita Paraha, 22 from Sydney. It was reported that she was targeted because of her cultural heritage. She was a Tongan girl out with her friend and she wore a shirt with the Tongan flag on it. A group of Samoan people abused and went on to beat her to death. I know shit happens all the time all over the world....but its so damn senseless and just plain wrong to even lay your hands upon another person....period. I feel like I could go on and on about it because it makes me mad. Old silly rivalries. Both beautiful Polynesian cultures and now a really fucked up situation :(

Click on the link to see the story

The other concerning issue was the video release yesterday of a boy who has bullied constantly.......and then retaliates and hurts the bully who has been bullying him. Many people are applauding him for standing up for himself...and I have to say I wouldn't take that shit either.....but then it made me think about all the poor kids who get bullied and have no help to get through that shit.

Why can't we just leave people alone? Hell I'm not say lets all hold hands and paint rainbows....but if you don't like someone....just go your own way and leave the bullying, the hate and murdering alone.

Peace and Love people xoxo

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