Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hello lovely readers!
I've missed you all so much.... I'm sorry I have been basically Mia from my usual regular postings but I really have been so busy. I have stared to Post a few things earlier but I have had trouble uploading my images. But to cut a long story short I am over in the states right now and I am loving Chicago so much. My friends and I are so sad that we missed one day in Chicago due to that stuPid ash cloud that stOpped all flights coming and going out of Sydney. Chicago is so beautiful and clean, the people are genuinely nice and they don't seem too caught up in trying to be something it's not. Today we spotted this beautiful cadallic and we just had to all have a photo and we were greeted by a lovely old couple who had a joke with us and it was just really nice.
This post may be a little all over the place (I am typing this on my ipodtouch)but it's like 3am here and we fly out for new York tomorrow and I have been surviving off 5 hours or less of sleep a night. I can't wait to share some pics with you all. Hopefully really soon.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tunnel Hill: ootd black and foral 03

Shirt $25 Best and Less Tights $15 Target Shoes $8 Kmart

Just wanted to share some pictures from a Sabbath afternoon outing. We go bush so the kids can run around and be free. Tunnel hill is one of my most favourite places in WA because its so pretty..... and fun.... can you believe that most of; if not all of the students climb everywhere WITHOUT SHOES!! Lol these kids are hardcore!! I got sore feet with my orange I have no idea how they did it cause the rocks were sharp....although; I also hate coming here with the kids because Im scared they will hurt themselves...They jump out onto the ledges climbing down and up with ease....Its almost as if each one is a lil spiderman!!! Also two of the photos are not mine.....someone else took them from back down the bottom at the buses while we were up the hill.

Even though I miss home and the shops and my friends when Im here for work...I know Im going to miss this just a little more.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Thursday, June 2, 2011

school ootd

So Im awake and its 5:30am in the morning.....why is it that when I plan to wake up early for exercise my eyes are bolted shut and it feels like I haven't had any sleep at all? Maybe its because I have 3 little house guests over. Its so fascinating working with Aboriginal kids... the amount of self autonomy they have is great some days....but then some days I'm like "Where the hell is your Mother?" and for my some of these little grade 1 kids...the answer is jail or in the communities living a life that doesn't really centre around the focus of THEIR child..... it makes me so mad.....and you wouldn't believe how wonderful these kids are....and how excited the get over a slice of cheese with a tomato sauce smiley face or a cup of Milo.

But back to the reason why I am awake....I got up and went to check on the three boys....because I wanted to see if they were okay...... and I was can their Mothers not have the same urge??? Anyways..... they are fine....I'm I guess its a WIN WIN huh? I have enough time to post this outfit! This is the kinda practical and comfortable stuff I wear to school each day......the skirt is the $2.50 one from Kmart, the top was free (I had bags of clothes that were donated and we were supposed to take them to another Aboriginal community but we couldn't fit it all so I found some cool stuff that I could have) the flats are really old also....I try not to bring too much stuff out here because it's too much to take home....and now that I only have 2 weeks left here.... I'm glad I didn't bring too much because I think I will be leaving a lot of it behind.

Big Love

Falala Mele