Wednesday, March 30, 2011

gurt by sea

Well what do you when its cold, sprinkling rain and you have your new bargain finds on?
Yep! you guessed it...get out the camera and start snapping......once again good old Mami took the group shots....yeah props for my Mum going pro....nah but really it was really really good to spend the weekend with my cousins...I just dearly missed my little sister who is like 5 hours drive away studying....and the two other cousin sisters in New Zealand....Tarnz, Moana and Bullu *shouts* WISH YOU WERE HERE!!!

Top: Kmart $4
Skirt: Lilly and Lou $20
Cardigan: Rockmans $5
Bangles: City Chic $5
Glasses: Factory $15
Beenie: Uncle's fishing beenie (he'd wear it when he went out on the rocks fishing...miss you Uncle xo
Location: Wreck Bay Summercloud Beach, still pretty even though there was no sun out that day :( 

Niva and Sia's clothes and shoes...Kmart... stay tuned as well because Sia (the girl with the black beret on) is working on launching her new blog which features entire outfits on the cheap....this girl is a bargain fanatic but she is forever looking beautiful....I think her first series will be hot looks under $30. She will share her secrets and favourite places to shop in Sydney...but she is also attending the New York and Chicago trip so she might try to work her magic in a place she is not familiar with.... see still raving on about the trip...SORRY >.<

Big Love to all you lovely ladies.....

Falala Mele xo

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

grey's green's and fun times in between

Hello world! How are we all tonight? 
CJ and Mele
So its Tuesday night here in Australia and I have approximately 5 days left before I have to head back out into the Western Desert (yes for real) and get back to my job teaching a class of 16 grade 3,4 & 5 Aboriginal students. I enjoy my job most of the time even though I'm not one of those "super organised, got all my unit plans and assessments done" type of not looking forward to all the planning, assessing and reporting part of the job....but so excited about seeing my lil ones again.

Also super thankful that I'm all better now..... (I have spent the last 3 months at home recovering....don't want to bore you with details....I was sick but now I'm better) so THANKS GOD!!

I have MANY MANY things to be thankful amazing friends....I know I talk about my friends A LOT but they really are THE BEST. I have my college friends, my home friends and my cousins and sisters who make up a whole other social circle. 

Also had a wonderful communion service at a part of our communion service we partake in foot washing just as Jesus did with his disciples...all the women go into one room and the men in another and it really is a humbling experience to get on your knees and wash someones elses feet...just to serve them and to show  love....and to remember what Jesus taught us while he was here....No no! I'm not getting preachy trying to convert was just something that was special to me and something that I'm thankful for.

Enough rambling from me now.....These pics were taken when we went to the local pub for dinner with my friend Cleone....we all laughed when they got in the car because we all had some green or grey on...I was initially planning on dressing up but we went early (7:30) so I went comfy casual with my grey over sized top. Belt for some colour and to show shape and comfy flats... after dinner we stayed and danced a bit (it was RETRO NIGHT!) yeah baby..the commitments, Whitney and the hair started of in a low pinned bun...but once the dance moves escalated so too did the sweat beads, so the coolest option was pulling it all high and back..... you know its a good night when your hair is all messed up :P

PS If you live in Australia and haven't been to Kmart need to check it out....I picked up comfy peach flats, camel gladiator type sandals for $2.50 and a pair of camel lace up shoes with a medium heel (comfy again <3) for $7.50....heaps of tops, shorts at dresses for under $10..... It was fun searching for good stuff!

Big Love,

FalalaMele xo

Lissa and mental face me
my delicious dinner
Friends since forever xo
Judy Jordan Leeza
this is what happens when you don't learn how to use your camera feature....meh..I like it
End of the all done up out of the way... so good to see my little sister's bestie Kirsty

Friday, March 25, 2011

"New shoes on and suddenly everythings right"

I love Paolo Nutini and when I looked at the photos it reminded me of his "New Shoes" song. Isn't it crazy how you feel instantly confident with a bit of added height! These are the second time I have worn my new boots....and they really are comfortable and perfect to wear out to lunch. As for the photos....since my sister has gone back to college I asked my Mum to take a few shots. It's crazy cause my Mum is the biggest freshie when it comes to technology....she's only just mastered the DVD and TV player....and now we have a digital set top box she finds it hard to navigate between the TV and hard thanks Mami for the super effort with the digital camera....

Now I have to get ready for dinner with Cleone, Melissa and Leeza.....I wanted to wear my new City Chic black frill skirt but I'm going to dinner at the pub so I will save my frilly skirt for a night out dancing. Soon I will have to head back out to the desert and I won't have all my friends around me. Back to the classroom and to my beautiful bush kids. Im just counting down until my Chicago, New York History of Art Tour....followed by my friends wedding in California...3 months and counting!

Skirt: Lilly and Lou
Cardigan: gifted
Glasses: Discount Store

Big Love

Falala Mele xo

Monday, March 21, 2011


Here are just a few things I have picked up while I was out....I wanted to share my new floral clear tint glasses...these are the glasses that I paid a full $20 for (I usually pick up $5 glasses because I buy them so often). I think I am going to wear them out with a lovely black dress I picked up at the City Chic outlet store in Campbelltown for $30....I want to wear them with black so they really stand out :) I love them so much so I took a few snaps so you could see them. It is one of my most old and special friends birthday soon (I'm talking back to kindy days) so I might wear them then.

 Speaking of my friend....she doesn't follow so I can tell you all what I made her for her birthday. We have been friends forever. We met in Kindy but she had to repeat Kindy so she has always been a year behind me in school even though she is a few months older than me. Because we were in separate classes we used to write letters to each other all the time. I first thought to make her a mix cd of all our favourite songs from high I starting collating songs "Nobody" Keith Sweat, "Who do you love" Deborah Cox, some "You're making me high" Toni Braxton and my favourite Craig David "Rendezvous".

Then I thought about finding my old pictures and letter boxes.....and to think I have pictures that never were in a digital format is up opens the scan lid....old letters and pictures that have marked our years of friendship are now scanned and saved....and even though I have been away at college for four years prior not including the first year away from home teaching in Western Australia....we still are very close and we can pick up as if I have never left....truly something to treasure... So I made this photo collage that I will print off and frame...I just have to laugh at all the old styles and all the little secrets bound up in my boxes and boxes of letters...

What do you think of the glasses? Oh and speaking of...I paid for my new glasses today (ones that will help me see better) I'm always wearing glasses, finding glasses and after an eye test...I found that I needed them for real....and I have to say, the range they have was not that good... I only liked one pair (a thick black rimmed pair) and I struggled to find a pair that I liked to get tinted for day I will share when they Wednesday is the big pick up day :)

Lipstick and Polish: Local chemists $4 and under
Glasses: Floral clear tint $20 Equip, others local bargain stores $5 and under
Earrings and Headband: Equip

I have brought new clothes too but I'm sure I will share them soon enough....

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Saturday, March 19, 2011

pretty peachy bows

Meet my cute bunny Clydie..... Isn't he the sweetest thing ever? This weekend has been wet and dreary.....I really love this weather because it makes me want to snuggle in and watch movies or read a good book. But there has been so much rain that we had to bring Clydie inside as his poor little house was all flooded... so while the rain stopped, and while my sister was home....we took some quick shots. Thanks Theresa <3

Lately I have really been feeling the over sized flowy tops. They feel so feminine and they are really light and comfy to wear. This top was purchased at K-mart for $20 (I love the detail at the front of the top) along with the jeggings ($15) or whatever you may they call them. The cute peachy bows are from Equip and I picked them up for $3. The cardigan was from City Chic ($15) and it has been one of my favourites...I think I have worn it in earlier blogs a few times so I have definitely gotten my $15 out of it. Shoes were on sale for $10, I purchased them ages ago from Target, and they are just the right height to be comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. I picked up my polish for a $1 while I was picking up my prescription the other day. I love bargains! I will share if I find anything else.

Comfy, casual & fave combination.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Friday, March 18, 2011


This weekend I was lucky enough to meet up with my sisters. Our two sisters Tarnz and Moana were over from New Zealand visiting and our other sister Genevieve has only recently moved home. So its been a long time since we were able to spend time with each other. Work commitments and life in general always make it hard to get all 6 together. We had the most fun dancing to our old favourite songs and eating chocolate cake.

Love Falala Mele xo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

peace and love

Well the sun has gone once again and the cooler weather made me want to rug up again. There are two things that I love to collect and wear....the first is sunglasses.
I have purchased two new pairs in the last two days. I cant wait to wear my new super colourful clear specks from Equip and I paid $20 for them (I never pay that much for sunnies so I must really love them).
I also love to wear beanies and or head bands/scarves/wraps......this beanie that I'm wearing is my sisters purchase from Cotton On.... I usually annoy my Ma to crochet me a heap in different colours before winter... outfit is kinda boring but I only went to town to pick up a few things...

Off clothes and onto other things.... I know there are a lot of big world problems at the moment, but just watching the news had made me so sad. The first was the beating resulting in death of Iasinita Paraha, 22 from Sydney. It was reported that she was targeted because of her cultural heritage. She was a Tongan girl out with her friend and she wore a shirt with the Tongan flag on it. A group of Samoan people abused and went on to beat her to death. I know shit happens all the time all over the world....but its so damn senseless and just plain wrong to even lay your hands upon another person....period. I feel like I could go on and on about it because it makes me mad. Old silly rivalries. Both beautiful Polynesian cultures and now a really fucked up situation :(

Click on the link to see the story

The other concerning issue was the video release yesterday of a boy who has bullied constantly.......and then retaliates and hurts the bully who has been bullying him. Many people are applauding him for standing up for himself...and I have to say I wouldn't take that shit either.....but then it made me think about all the poor kids who get bullied and have no help to get through that shit.

Why can't we just leave people alone? Hell I'm not say lets all hold hands and paint rainbows....but if you don't like someone....just go your own way and leave the bullying, the hate and murdering alone.

Peace and Love people xoxo

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunny Sunday Sunglasses

I have recently purchased a few new items....and the lovely Sunday sun encouraged me to put on my light dress, super comfy new boots and my best bargain buy pair of sunnies yet....yup these white print text sunnies set me back a whole $1! Together the dress + boots + sunnies cost = $52. I'm happy because I will get good use out of my boots throughout Autumn and Spring and any other day I feel like it :)

Hope all is well....special thoughts going out to Japan and Christchurch xo

Falala Mele

Friday, March 4, 2011

polka dots and ruby lips

One of my new favourite tops...... Im pretty sure I picked it up for $10.....
I find myself wanting to wear it all the time!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011