Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What she's wearing in San Francisco USA

Ladies meet the fantastic Denise from LOCA; a blog deddicated to chubbies with style! I have to say that even though I havent been blogging all that long....she was my first blogging buddy!!! I love her bold style and use of colour. She is always rocking a lil sum' somthin wether its some popping lips, trendy bags or killer shoes..... but most of all...I love her honest and frequent blog (it kinda feels like shes one of my girls and I like seeing what she is wearing even though we haven't met) and I love her FUNK!!! She has loads!!!
I was so happy she agreed to be featured here....if you havent checked her out...be sure to click on the link and then FOLLOW!!!

People say that personal style should reflect your personality. So if its possible can you describe yourself in 10 words?
Just a chubby who loves, food, family, friends and clothes.

What is your greatest staple in your wardrobe?
My black leather jacket with pink cheetah fur.  I've had this jacket since I was 15, and it's the best gift I've ever received!  The lining is pink satin and it really is to die for.  I can, and do, wear it with everything because it adds instant spice.  I haven't had it pictured yet because I've gained a little weight so it's a little snug, but I intend to get back into A-sap.

When you want work it, what do you wear?
I usually wear a bold lipstick, throw on some pumps, actually lotion my legs, and pack on the black eye liner.  There's nothing spicier than black eyeliner.

What is something you have always wanted to buy or wear, but have never found?
A thick clear belt with rhinestone accents.  I've seen some in straight sizes but not for us chubbies.

 How do you embrace your curves?
Girl, being a chubby is like embracing your curves everyday.  It's SO not mainstream to be plus-size, especially in San Francisco.  I think going out and feeling confident every single day is my approach to self-acceptance and  body acceptance.

Picture this: At the time you wear something and you think it’s the baddest shit going, but then later you’re like OMG? WTF? Would you care to describe if this has ever happened to you.
I don't get this feeling much, plus there's little evidence of me because I've always hated pictures (which is ironic because now I have a blog, haha).  However, sometimes I do see pictures where I'm like "woah" but then I'm quickly over it because that's what I liked at that time, so who cares.  I guess one thing I could look back on and be like, "mama mia" is when I shaved my head in 9th grade.  I totally looked like a dude!

What is something daring that you want to introduce to your wardrobe?
For me, pants!  I've just never wanted to wear pants, they feel so restricting and not so easy breezy as a dress.  Except now, I really want to try to incorporate them into my wardrobe.  I've always fantasized about wearing really tight white jeans, kind of like Baby from Dirty Dancing, but I definitely gotta do some searching for the perfect white jeans because I know how hard pulling off white can be. (I had to include this pic because this was uploaded after she emailed me her answers....so SHE DID IT!!!)

What is the one thing (clothes, makeup or whatever) that transforms you (into sexy you, smart you, confident you or glamour you) when you wear it?

Any tips or secrets you want to share about shopping or plus fashion style?
Improvise, improvise, improvise.  Nothing is ever going to fit us quite right because we are not boards so buy something if you really love it, but make it work for you.  My secret weapon is safety pins, although my Mom would kill me for saying this, but they're good for a quick fix!  Also, sometimes you see something on the rack and it looks boring, but then you just have to visualize how you can jazz it up, I do this a lot with thrift store finds.

No more questions, the floor is yours....any last minute messages and or shout outs to our lovely bloggers and readers?
 Never say: "I wish I could pull that off."  This kills me because you CAN pull it off if you stopped thinking about it so much.  My motto:  "If you like it, wear it!" 

I'm so happy to be part of the chubby blogosphere, and thanks Mele for inviting me to do this, you're pretty rad.
Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. I have to comment!! I can't wait....um so many things I loved about this post.

    1.The reference to "Baby" from Dirty Dancing...IM SOLD!!
    2.The fact that you shaved your head in the 9th grade...who cares what you looked like...THAT SHIT IS BADASS!!
    3.The fact that you started to wear pants...
    4.Lotioning the legs.....ha ha ha ha Im so like you!!!

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  4. YAY LOCA!! I love Denise! She is such a sweet- heart. She has such great style and she is not afraid to be herself. That really shines thru in her pics! Girl you betta werk some white jeans like Baby!! Don't be scurred!!lol Kiah

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    P.S. I'm now following your blog.

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