Saturday, October 26, 2013

Aussie Curves: Celeb Copy Cat Aaradhna

So I've climbed out of the woodworks to participate in my fave Aussie Curves theme.

Yes. The Celeb Copy Cat week was something I could not miss out on. I had so much fun last year trying to pull together an outfit to match the effortlessly dope Solange Knowles (see post HERE). While everyone in Australia is going cray cray for big sis Beyonce cause she's here at the moment.....I'm totally pissed that I will miss Solange's quick summer tour and New Years concert. She is on my MUST-SEE list and unfortunately, I will be in Hawaii when she is visiting Australia. WHYYYYY??

Anyways, back to this post..... So I've chosen to copy the beautiful Aaradhna. I'll forgive you if you haven't heard of her before. She is New Zealand's very own RNB & soul queen. I knew of her from way back because all of the polynesians were buzzing over that Adeaze track 'Getting stronger' and the good music has not stopped. 

She has recently dropped the superb album Treble & Reverb. Honestly it's soooooo fucking good. Yes, it needs the swear. I'm never excited about new music because there's so much stuff out there these days and I don't have the time to find that needle in the haystack.

But this is exactly what her album is. 
It's the first whole album I've actually bought in a long time and it's a real collection of stories that progresses and takes the listener on a journey. Yes. A real album. Thank you music gods.

Her track WAKE UP has kept me running on the treadmill when my legs have felt like lead, and the entire album is on high rotation in our house still....pretty sure we were playing it this time last year. 

Besides dying over her music, I've also watched her style evolve. I love her appreciation for vintage (and I assume thrifted) dresses and prints. I love her because she's talented, real and polynesian. Aaradhna looks like a lady and sings like a queen. I can't wait for the day I get to listen to her sing live.

I found this gorgeous pic of her on Kiwi blogger Lani Says Aaradhna's Media Showcase post. I love her dress and I have picked up a few like it when I was out on the thrift. My outfit was a dress and a blouse but I cut the dress and made a skirt, just because I do that sometimes. Both are thrifted of course. I love that she is wearing flats. I'm forever living in chucks and dresses. I love that she is a natural beauty. 

Do yourself a favour. Listen to her music and follow her on instagram @aaradhna and twitter. She is one of the few people that are worth following.

Big Love,

Falala Mele.