Saturday, June 30, 2012

NYC; Queens

Vintage dress: $1 thrifted / Shoes: Converse

Our beautiful friend Rhiannon promised her boyfriend she would go all the way to Queens to pick up something special for her boyfriend from Sadowsky Guitars. We all went along to explore Queens and I was especially excited because one of my favourite movies of all time "COMING TO AMERICA" is based around that area.

We got a pint of ice-cream for $3 because we thought it wouldn't be full. LOL we couldn't finish it but atleast we will know better for next time. Queens was beautiful. We walked through the projects and they were quiet. We got lost and ask for directions and everyone was really nice. Any places to recommend this time around in Queens?

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

ps. I can't believe I am back again a year later! Today it was SOOOO WARM out....but I'm not complaining because I'd rather be hot than cold...ha ha ha ha so long Australian winter!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NYC: summer wonderings 2011

Making our way to the Guggenheim Museum

Seeing/making references to SITC

Fulfilling promises to our friend Moala who wanted a firefighter. 

Eating at our favourite little pizza place around the corner.

Beautiful tribute to the 9/11 Hero's from their ladder.

Hello lovely readers,

While each day in NY was jam packed with laughs and adventures, this day just seemed that extra bit special. My sister and I were getting really tired so we strayed away from the group.....came back to the hotel for a little snooze. Woke up and it was lovely and warm outside....made our way on the subway back to the group....caught up with Emma and Rhi.....made it back to the hotel....saw all the cute firefighters and just had to get a pic with one because I promised my friend I would....basically walked up to him with this spill about "my friend just absolutely loves firefighters and she wanted to get a photo with a NY firefighter so can we get a photo with you?"....I said it really quickly and he just smiled with these amazing teeth and was like "suuurrree" the 4 of us were blushing a little because he was so nice, enjoyed the flirt and had a quick chat to us.....long enough for him to kinda stumble over his boots (and played it off like it was nothing) so I walked away giggling to myself.

He reckons "Enjoy your vacaay......oh I mean HAALIDAY!" 

Big Love,

Falala Mele

ps. we are sitting on the plane as I post this :) Not long to go now xo

Friday, June 22, 2012

OOTD Autumn & visit

Hat: $2 at Cabramatta / Blouse: $2 Opshop / Earrings: $2 St. Vinnies

Skirt: Thrifted and altered by me / Glasses: Diva $3.50 / Shoes: Converse

 Hello Wonderful Ones,
I was so delighted to have one of my most dearest friends come and visit my sister and I. We don't get to spend enough time together and it feels like a real drought considering we spent most of our days eating, sleeping, talking, laughing and shopping together for four years during college.

Anyways we spent those days exploring our local opshops and I found this top while with her. It's actually a long blouse and she suggested cropping it, tying it up or tucking it in. I think she was spot on.

I really like this shirt and I even pulled out my 'Teacher Hat' (yes we have to wear hats when on playground duty) only this time I wanted to wear it and it made me feel like a lady *note to self, must wear hats more*.

Despite catching colds we managed to shop, eat soups, play board games, laugh at regretsy and kinda feel like we were back in our college dorm rooms. Priceless.

My niece was climbing trees whilst we were taking photos so we decided to join her.

Don't forget to make time for your friends. They are all the therapy one needs.

Big Love,

Falala Mele

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New York; the old first day

I have been jabbering on about NYC like a crazy lady lately. The 3 following reasons are the cause:

1) In approximately 12 days I will be returning to this AMAZING place

2) One of my best friends are over there as we speak and I really wish we could have teed up our trips together because we should just scream at everything together! We have similar tastes/humour and we both get excited about food/travel/80's/90's fashion-music/both love thrifting (You should see the stuff she got me for my birthday!)

3) My blog feed is clogged up with all the beautiful ladies who are currently in NY for FFFW. I wish I was there!!!!

I will have to plan my timing better next time. But I'm definitely happy to be spending 4th of July over there. I already have an outfit ready for that day :)

Here's some pics of my sister, friends and I on our first day out in New York last year.

Photo credit/edit Emma Magenta
Nat geting a portrait and Rhiannon having an ice-cream in Battery Park
Mele & Emma Magenta
Waiting outside the small WTC memorial building (the new one was being built when we were visiting.

First slice of that NY pizza. It was so good. Thin crispy crust, not too much cheese and guy who served them was a charming New Yorker. Hollaaaaa ;)

 What I wore:

While packing for the summer in the US I didn't really know what to expect. I knew I wanted to be bright, comfortable and practical. Even though I love watching Sex in the City (yes I am cheesy) seeing Carrie glide effortlessly through the city, I knew that wasn't gonna be me. So I packed light sheer tops, skirts and tights for day wear.

This is one of my favourite tops. A cheap one from Best and Less (an Australian store) and I desperately wanted to find some yellow shorts. No luck with that search so I made this yellow skirt. It was the colour I wanted so I was happy.

I'm packing slowly here trying to fit in every possible outfit option. Here in Australia people in general are not really into fashion. Sure we have fashion hubs but in general people don't "get" the way I dress sometimes. And I'm not even that loud! So when I go to New York I really love to pull out all my 'cool shit' that I have been saving up. I'm one of those people who will save an item of clothing until it's ready for the right occasion/outfit. Yes I know I'm crazy.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Monday, June 11, 2012

New York; the first time

Hello beautiful people!

How are you? It feels like forever since I last posted! I have been really busy juggling an interstate move, a new full time job (teaching is no joke....there is ALWAYS so much to prepare, so much to do and not enough hours in the day) and I have been working hard at maintaing my 5am starts to ensure I fit in my gym sessions even though it is soooo damn cold here at the moment.

Quick update: My unit is cute and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my sister and my my nieces from New Zealand. 3 more housemates will make the world of difference :) My friend Moala has made it safely to New York. This is her first trip there and I am so excited for her. It brought back all my memories from my trip last year and it is getting me excited for the up coming trip. Only 17 more days until I fly out and it is hard to believe because there is still soooo much to do here. I have to finish teaching this term while getting all my preparation for next term ready (most teachers do this in the school holidays) so the next 2 weekends will be planning and packing. I can't wait to leave this cold weather behind even if it is just for a few weeks.

Excited to see/ meet my NY blogger ladies.

 I have messaged a few of you, but if you are in New York and would like to meet some easy-go-lucky Australians then email me or leave a msg. We will be in town from the 28th of June to the 7th of July. What are you all doing on the 4th of July? We were planning on going to the Apollo Theatre for amateur night....if you are not busy come and get dressed up for a night out!

Here is a message from Moala.... Can you tell how excited she is :)

Carmel jean!!!! I love it here so much!!!!! And that video is having me crack up here right (I put a clip from Coming to America on her FB when Eddie Murphy yells out the window "GOODMORNING MY NEIGHBOURS!") now because even thought our appt doesn't have a fire escape Eddie Murphy could totally do it across from us. It is super super brilliant here :):) were in Brooklyn but haven't explored it yet we went into the city today and subway'd like a beech!! Went to this cute cafe place and had breakfast burritos, then went exploring (we made no plans today in case of jet lag) at all the shops. Ate Cinnabon, and fresh macarons then went exploring shops lol cos we recognized Walgreens and urban outfitters and jamba juice and WHOLE FOODS (omg they make my life complete the sample carts were playing with strawberries today so we got mini strawberry fudge sundaes, strawberry salad and strawberry napoleons) and walked everywhere around times sq and broadway. Then decided to try little Italy so trained it to chinatown..and little Italy street is MAGICAL I am in love!! But hit canal street after that and the kitschy shopping is brilliant guys set up on the street with 'everything 2 dollars! Holla!' signs and all the NYC merch super cheap so played with that idea. But yeah had some fun! I wish you were here to show me what to do!! But I'm determined to learn the subway so will get a weekly tomorrow. We wanna check out Williamsburg (where we're staying) and find more macarons and the city reliquary and go to the hells kitchen flea and maybe just play around here for nighttime if we have the energy. Again I wish you were here I'm super super in love with the place!!! How's the accom looking??

Anyways as the post suggests, I wanted to share these photos. Never could I imagine how cool this place would be. NYC I am in love with you. Can't wait to return to you.
Floral Wrap Dress: Thrifted $1/ Shoes: Converse / Cardigan : Best and Less

My sister and I living out the dream. Too poor for toys when we were growing up but we made it all the way to New York City!

Miss Magenta. Mele & Siki-Lou 

It was an overcast day and we were hanging around waiting to meet Deja so we walked to a diner to get some lunch. Chicken soup and pastrami roll. MEMORIES.

Big Love,

Falala Mele

Thursday, June 7, 2012

OOTD White

Glasses: Salvos $2 / Dress: Target $35 / Shoes: Target $25 / Belt: Gifted / Earrings: $2 St Vinnies

Just a simple plain white dress for church. I have been dying to wear my glasses but everytime I went to put them on with other outfits, I always changed my mind. Do you think they work with this outfit?

Big Love,

Falala Mele