Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Morning :)

Such a nice day here... sun is back out...rain is gone and I get to spend time with my gurls L-Bizzle and Daisy....before heading back up to Newcastle to get my sister.
We had a quick snap while we were outside with Snoops.
Also gearing up for Latu's 21st. Will post some pics of outfit and the fun stuff.......Your plans?

Its gonna be a dope day :)

Shirt: Woman $25
Skirt: Lilly and Lou $20
Shoes: Converse $30 (Sale at Campbeltown outlet store)
Bangles: City Chic $5
Beads: Self Made

 L-Bizzle and Snoops


Falala Mele

stitch it

most annoying thing? Being seen in the same clothes as someone else...... EWWW.... kill my life..... I would rather go and find some cool material and stitch something up myself....its soooo easy.... and cheaper.... and a better way to ensure that you wont be caught out in wearing something that someone else has.... Moral to the story? Invest in a machine..... and make something!

ps...I love sunglasses.... just thought I'd share that one with you :)

Ready for disco?

I made my dress....Pulu is wearing a peice from the Expression range

 Both skirts made by me... colourful material found at Cabramatta for about $2 a meter and the blue material was about $3 a meter at spotlight.... Both mine....but we steal each others clothes....

I just love the vibrancy of these outfits. Pulu's skirt was found and brought as a beach dress and was altered to shorten the length of the skirt to enhance the look of a dress. Oh and indian sweets are the serious bidness!!! Yum

like a boy

For four years I lived with about 20 girls......... and given some would come and go.... but there always seemed to be a solid group of around 20 girls.....they came from different parts of the world. Some were well off.... most of us didn't have much money at all....but we all enjoyed the "getting ready" time of any occasion. 20 rooms with their doors wide open, music pumping..... and you would hear "who has mascara?", "bobbypins?" or "can I please use this"..... most of these occasions were for either organised events or for the Wednesday night trip to New Castle and for the free entry and cheap drink student night......FANNYS (holla if you feel me!) But one day we decided to dress up as boys and take a photo for our common lounge room......
So this is what I would look like if I could act like a boy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

time machine please

 Many many kisses to Evelyn Munos for letting me steal her Paris/London pics from our History of Art Tour..... Seriously the best thing ever....some are hers, some are mine or Emmas.... either way... these pics make me wish I had a time machine to go back.....I love PARIS!! Wicked was the highlight of London...anyways I could go on forever about it... but I wont....most of my clothes were purely for comfort....we walked ALOT.... but next year I'm heading to I think I will be a little more prepared for that!! Ewwww can I not be hooked on this thing already...the sun is coming up so I guess I should go to bed.....

Many blessings,

Falala Mele

my new baby.... you can call her Falala Mele

Oh..... how very very own blog.... Yes, I know right...where have I been? Actually I have been out in the bush for the year....I graduated last year you I am a new teacher.... and I guess I didnt want to go back to fimiliar surroundings after graduation (onto bigger and better things! I think that was the idea behind my decision) so I accepted a position on the other side of the aussies should know the "I've been everywhere man" Meekatharra version (If not..... youtube it)? Well I live and teach about 45kms outside of Meekatharra.... pretty much in the middle of nowhere... I teach at an Aboriginal Christian boarding school.... and aside from missing my family and friends who reside in and around Sydney... I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss the shops....(arghhhh I love shopping) and the opportunity to dress up whenever I can...*sad face*..... I adore dressing up and going out with my friends and sisters......I love nothing more than to give people makeovers.... I just, hair, fashion and styling... I love it all....if you are one of those girls who are too shy to wear what you want, or too afraid to wear something a little louder than usual.... than I dare you to DO IT!!! Rock tha shit out of it......its all about attitude....

And yes, I am laughing out loud right now, because I'm writing this as if people are reading it...
when clearly NO ONE IS.... yet....

I really believe in the empowerment of feeling beautiful....
When you look beautiful.... you feel beautiful.... and my darling, you are very beautiful.

I'm chucking on a few pics of me and my prettyfulz friends..... 
These pics are from my Graduation Banquet last year.

Moala, Mele, Lisa, Jadie, Betty, Pulu, Aimee and Emma

My beauitiful sister Theresa, but every one calls her Pulu

Lisa and Jycica enjoying their meal and the candlelight

Oh and how could I forget.... I am all about the BUDGET! You can look beautiful without spending hundreds!! I have been a struggling uni student for the past 4 years.....and I am the second youngest in a family with 8 brothers and gotta know how to look after those precious pennies!


Skirt: I made it ;)
Earings and Lipstick: Gloss

Many blessings,

Falala Mele