Monday, March 21, 2011


Here are just a few things I have picked up while I was out....I wanted to share my new floral clear tint glasses...these are the glasses that I paid a full $20 for (I usually pick up $5 glasses because I buy them so often). I think I am going to wear them out with a lovely black dress I picked up at the City Chic outlet store in Campbelltown for $30....I want to wear them with black so they really stand out :) I love them so much so I took a few snaps so you could see them. It is one of my most old and special friends birthday soon (I'm talking back to kindy days) so I might wear them then.

 Speaking of my friend....she doesn't follow so I can tell you all what I made her for her birthday. We have been friends forever. We met in Kindy but she had to repeat Kindy so she has always been a year behind me in school even though she is a few months older than me. Because we were in separate classes we used to write letters to each other all the time. I first thought to make her a mix cd of all our favourite songs from high I starting collating songs "Nobody" Keith Sweat, "Who do you love" Deborah Cox, some "You're making me high" Toni Braxton and my favourite Craig David "Rendezvous".

Then I thought about finding my old pictures and letter boxes.....and to think I have pictures that never were in a digital format is up opens the scan lid....old letters and pictures that have marked our years of friendship are now scanned and saved....and even though I have been away at college for four years prior not including the first year away from home teaching in Western Australia....we still are very close and we can pick up as if I have never left....truly something to treasure... So I made this photo collage that I will print off and frame...I just have to laugh at all the old styles and all the little secrets bound up in my boxes and boxes of letters...

What do you think of the glasses? Oh and speaking of...I paid for my new glasses today (ones that will help me see better) I'm always wearing glasses, finding glasses and after an eye test...I found that I needed them for real....and I have to say, the range they have was not that good... I only liked one pair (a thick black rimmed pair) and I struggled to find a pair that I liked to get tinted for day I will share when they Wednesday is the big pick up day :)

Lipstick and Polish: Local chemists $4 and under
Glasses: Floral clear tint $20 Equip, others local bargain stores $5 and under
Earrings and Headband: Equip

I have brought new clothes too but I'm sure I will share them soon enough....

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. Cute new stuff! I dig your style and you look super cute with a red lip. I'm excited to be a new follower.

    Mounds of Joy

    Best to you!

  2. cute photos and colors!!:)nice blog!!

    Follow me dear??i'd be so happy if you like and do it..i wait u on my blog..kiss