Friday, March 25, 2011

"New shoes on and suddenly everythings right"

I love Paolo Nutini and when I looked at the photos it reminded me of his "New Shoes" song. Isn't it crazy how you feel instantly confident with a bit of added height! These are the second time I have worn my new boots....and they really are comfortable and perfect to wear out to lunch. As for the photos....since my sister has gone back to college I asked my Mum to take a few shots. It's crazy cause my Mum is the biggest freshie when it comes to technology....she's only just mastered the DVD and TV player....and now we have a digital set top box she finds it hard to navigate between the TV and hard thanks Mami for the super effort with the digital camera....

Now I have to get ready for dinner with Cleone, Melissa and Leeza.....I wanted to wear my new City Chic black frill skirt but I'm going to dinner at the pub so I will save my frilly skirt for a night out dancing. Soon I will have to head back out to the desert and I won't have all my friends around me. Back to the classroom and to my beautiful bush kids. Im just counting down until my Chicago, New York History of Art Tour....followed by my friends wedding in California...3 months and counting!

Skirt: Lilly and Lou
Cardigan: gifted
Glasses: Discount Store

Big Love

Falala Mele xo


  1. MELE!!! love it. love yooooooou!! soooo beautiful!! :) on your way to being blogger of the year, my friend.

  2. Ahhh I love the colour of your cardigan! Im totally not a pink person at all but it looks great with those grey shoes !

  3. Gorgeous skirt! Love it.

  4. LOVE those shoes and skirt! You look great!

  5. talkk about cute are so adorable. and my mum is the same way, at least urs got the hang of it. lol

  6. Hey i just found your blog via Love Brown Sugar! I love it!

  7. thank you so much...still new to the blogging world but I love looking at everyones sense of style xo

    Please feel welcomed to follow

  8. you look adorable here!


  9. Love this outfit. You look too cute! Now following. Kiah