Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunny Sunday Sunglasses

I have recently purchased a few new items....and the lovely Sunday sun encouraged me to put on my light dress, super comfy new boots and my best bargain buy pair of sunnies yet....yup these white print text sunnies set me back a whole $1! Together the dress + boots + sunnies cost = $52. I'm happy because I will get good use out of my boots throughout Autumn and Spring and any other day I feel like it :)

Hope all is well....special thoughts going out to Japan and Christchurch xo

Falala Mele


  1. Great sunglasses, and I dig the print of your dress.

  2. your boots are SICK and i looovelovlovelovlove those glasses!!! you look so freshfaced and beachy, lke the face of a coca cola commercial

  3. Hi Mele! Nice to meet you, I gotta say you have such great style, love your outfits and photos. Following you right back :D

  4. Hi Mele! visit yor blog first time..nice . You last pic is just too naughty :)
    Me following you now....