Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Cleone..

The hardest thing about being away from home when working is missing out....missing out on birthdays, special occasions and just plain old good times with family and friends....I have been home for a while now and I am getting ready to fly out tomorrow morning.....I should be packing...but I'd rather blog...its how I cope...just do it all last minute so I'm in such a rush that I have no time to get sad and miss everyone....BUT THIS TIME I was lucky enough to be here for my dearest friend's birthday....Miss Cleone.... friends since Kindy....which reminds me, I still need to drop her present off...O_o better do that any ways just wanted to share a few pics...also excited that I have a few people lined up to be featured on my that should be coming your way soon.....I really do hope that you are all well....

What I wore:

Dress: City Chic $40 Sale item
Shoes: Kmart $7.50
Lip Colour: Pink Flamingo $2.95
Earrings: $5 forget the shop name

What Theresa wore:

Top: Millers $5
Skirt: City Chic $30 on sale
Shoes: City Chic $20 on sale (I brought a pair a week ago and she could fit them. Lucky they had one pair left when we returned)
Cardigan: Rockmans $5

Dress: Kmart...I have one the same but instead of paying $19 like I did she got hers for $7.50
Shoes: Kmart $7.50
Tights: Big W $12


Falala Mele


  1. uhmm..these pics are effin HOT!!!!!!
    i tell ya, this blog keeps getting better and better....
    Mele, you stunner!! ;)

  2. You all look so GORG!! I love your dress. The detail on the sleeves is amazing. You are so pretty. I hope you get to see your family and friends real soon. Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog. Kiah

  3. Everyone looks so fab in all of these pictures but you my dear look amazing! That dress was a steal at 40 bucks and it looks like its worth a million on you honey! I love the way it glistens too cute! I'm so glad you had fun dancing and celebrating girl!


  4. awe looks like such fun. you all looked great, i love all these photos! i agree about being home, it is so wonderful to get to spend time with true friends and go out and celebrate with them. hope your friend had a great birthday xoxo

  5. You both look gorgeous! Lovely outfits & photos :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  6. wow! looks like you had an amazing time, i love all the pictures! you looked especially gorgeous in your dress :) totally followed your link from the comment and you got me hooked!woohoo.

  7. You all look gorgeous! I need a Ikat print dress for this summer! The striped top is sooo cool(totally my style)!And finally, the dress you wear is absolutely stunning, I really, really like sequins!

  8. First off, thank you for the follow because it lead me to your blog! Second, you're GORGEOUS girl! You're friends are also gorg, and look like a ton of fun, I would totally party with you guys haha!

    Totally look forward to your future posts, I'll be coming back for sure love :)