Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer NYC 1

So it's my first morning back. I'm in Australia and my New York summer is over yet again and now all I have is the post-travel blues. I awoke at 2:30am today and I tried to go back to sleep but I was hungry and wide awake so I thought I may as well use this time to get a post up.

I've decided to recap day by day cause it's easier that way. So here's the first recount from my adventure. Day 1 started off in Brisbane because the cheapest flights available at the time of booking had a layover in Brisbane. It was perfect because it allowed a sleepover with my fabulous Ruthie. It was a bittersweet reunion because this time last year WE were getting ready to leave for New York. Work commitments would not allow for another adventure just yet but we put into place plans for next year and it's pretty exciting! Travel, moving, changes in jobs. This shot is a preview of 2014 solo crew.

So our first day went like this. Early start. Forget the only essential item necessary to long haul flights. Run around Brisbane trying to purchase a damn pillow. Leaving Brisbane and saying goodbye to Ruth. Sitting on a plane. Walking around LAX trying to make sense of the backwards service and airport = 2 hours of hell. Eating. Back on a plane. Waiting. Arriving. Check in. Shower. Walk to Grand Central Terminal. Pizza= Hell Yes! Shuttle to Times Square. Shopping. Subway with a friendly hustler selling $2 swipes onto the subway. Duane Reed for supplies (aka JUNK and black cherry ice teas). Instagram uploads. Sleep.

1. Night Flyer 2. Travel OOTD 3. Arrival in NY 4. Food in LA 
1. We 3 2. Shoe shopping 3. Times Square 4. Grand Central Terminal
1. Wandering Times Square 2. Beer the size of ones head 3. Junk run 4. Cabs

We were so happy to get our very own little balcony at the Pod Hotel. Oh shit. I miss this view.

Big Love,

Falala Mele x

Monday, June 24, 2013

Back in Brooklyn

Good Morning Falalas

I'm sitting in Gabby and Candice's apartment in Brooklyn. I've spent the first few days in midtown Manhattan and I 'm glad to be out of there. It's cool to go back and have the view of the city but I really fell in love with Brooklyn on my last holiday. I feel like this is a part of the real New York, the place where the real people live.

When we arrived we saw kids playing in the street and a guy kicking back to UB40 dancing one out having a good time. It's a nice change of pace because the city is always humming. People have to keep moving no matter what. When I looked around it didn't seem like anybody be smiling. I got sad watching everybody working so hard all day long thinking about how others live so comfortably and others bust their gut to survive. But in Brooklyn, I forgot about all that and just enjoyed everything that was around me.

We jumped onto the train and headed towards Dallas BBQ in Brooklyn. We got there at about midnight and we ordered some virgin pina coladas and ribs and chicken. YEAHHHH BOII that shit was yummy! We had to go out to celebrate Candice's birthday and we had a great time laughing and watching everyone else have a great time. There were families, grad parties and people on dates all eating wings and drinking mammoth frozen cocktails. I'm telling you it was such a good atmosphere and my jet-lag and lack of sleep could not stop me from having a good time.

Here are a few instapics I have to share with you. Follow me: mele2541 if you wanna stay posted.

Big love,

Falala Mele

Saturday, June 8, 2013

90's Rose

On Monday and Tuesday I went to Adelaide for a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Workshop for professional development. It's one of the best parts of my job, teaching kids how to grow, harvest and prepare food.

We left Mildura at 8am and stopped at Taliem Bend Vinnies and I found this gorgeous rose top for $1.50. Lately I've been feeling the 90's vibe. I guess it's just the good feelings that swell up in my heart when I see anythings from this time. It's my youth.....recording mixed tapes off the radio, secretly crushing on the boys in the pop film clips and teen movies, waiting for the holidays so I could hang with my cousins to dream about growing up and going out. This was the time when parents ruled and after school 3-way chats on the phone were an essential daily ritual. You actually knew your friends parents because you'd have a quick chat when you asked for your friend on the regular.

People always be talking about the youth of today.....and I admit I have been one of them. Thinking about my childhood and teen years I feel a little sad for all the things our kids miss out on today. Sure iphones are cool and video calling is the bomb, but they'll never have to wait for anything so I wonder if anything is really appreciated or sacred? Easy come, easy go right?

When I loved a song or I wanted to hear the latest shit I'd stay up late to watch Rage. I'd wait out all the crappy songs to see one new song and I'd love it and remember the feeling of thinking "Yes this is my new favourite song!"

If I crushed on a boy I'd have to wait and hope that I'd see him around school. The anticipation, the butterflies, the satisfaction of whatever contact the universe would bless me with. This was gold. This IS gold and I'm wondering if this ever occurs these days?

 I could be wrong. Our kids communicate in sophisticated ways and I could just be out-of-the-loop with what the go is. However, all the little coming-of-age moments where one struggles with decisions, choices and heartache (you know, the real character building shit) seems to have been replaced with this self-idolising nature. Tumblr, Facebook, IG, Snapchat or whatever other new network is trending. Who has got the most followers? Who should be followed? Like for a like, follow for follow. The latest sound, the latest look, the latest must-have gadget. What is it teaching them? What will stick? What is truly valued?

Big Love,

Falala Mele.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Let's catch up

Hi friends,

I wanted to just come and say hello because I haven't been on here half as much as I would like to. I haven't had time to read all my fave blogs and that makes me feel disconnected and out of the loop. I used to be good at sharing what I've been up to. I know I've been a good blogger when my friends are like "yeah I saw it on the blog" and I haven't even kept them in the loop with my life. SMH. It's the same old "I'm just so busy drill" but I know that EVERYONE is busy these days so I'm here trying to catch up with you all.

How are you?

What's new?

I've been spending my mornings in the gym, days at school and evenings watching Bomb Girls, Supernatural, Pan Am, The Carrie Diaries, Freaks and Geeks and Grey's Anatomy. Don't judge. It's officially winter.

The kids at school keep me laughing and my sister and niece who also double as my housemates have kept the good times rolling at home. Just the regular teasing, eating, dancing and laughing routine.

I've been eating Laksa and grilled cheese once a week because they are the faves atm and I spent last Saturday night going through all my thrifted finds deciding what to take to New York.

It is now officially two weeks to go. I'm cutting out on school 2 weeks early because I was supposed to be going to Spain, Italy and France. But lack of funds (and perhaps the added trip to the Philippines) left me saying "Well I plan to live there next year so why spend thousands of dollars on a little holiday now when I can save it for next year?".

So New York was the fabulous booby prize :D I get to catch up with my New York sisters Gabby, Candice and Deja. I get to meet up with my awesome Aussie blogger ladies in another country and I get to spend quality-non work-no stress time with my sissys Bullu and Sia.

So instead of getting up and going to my 8:30am boxing class today I decided to stay home, enjoy the rain and write to you all. I am blessed and thankful.

I hope that you are happy and well. I hope your joys outweigh your sorrows and that there is something exciting on your horizon. If there's nothing that comes to mind then why not plan a little something. It doesn't have to be huge but something to look forward to is so important amongst work and life and responsibilities.

It's a thrifted-op-shopped-vintage life <3

Waiting to hit USA again.  1. Vegas tattooing 2. Slots 3. Buffet 4. Esa-bagel Photos by @sikilou
1) Guy Sebastian concert 2) 51 ST NY 3) Katz's Deli 4) Brooklyn repping our own
1. Brooklyn Bridge 2. Grimaldi's DUMBO 3. Subway heat 4. Miss New Booty in Harlem

Best way to keep up with me lately is to follow me on instagram @mele2541 it's where I'm usually at.

Happy Sabbath xo

Falala Mele