Saturday, August 31, 2013

NYC Summer: Evening 4 & Day 5

After the Bloomingdales event at FFFW I scurried off to the hotel in the horrors. "What a waste of time!" I complained. I was pissed off because I thought I had missed the chance to catch up with Deja. Deja was my first ever blogger buddy and a total sweet heart. We have met up every time I have been to New York. It's a personal tradition. Come to New York, visit Deja. This year was a little harder to coordinate because she had just graduated from college and was busy with her job schedule. We would text and try and tee things up but sometimes it just wouldn't work. I also didn't have internet on my phone so messages came through with every free wireless port I could find.Things seemed to work out okay because we managed to find a place and a time to meet up. To view our previous adventures

Mele & Deja 2012 CLICK HERE.

Mele & Deja 2011 CLICK HERE

Check out Deja's blog here:

We were so excited to talk about graduation and friends and family and future plans. Shake shack was okay. Not gross but I don't think I'll be dying to go there on my next visit. It all seemed to the one texture, just all weirdly soft and fluffy and I wasn't a fan of the fries. The shakes were yummy though.

After dinner we headed over to Crumbs to see the huge cupcakes. Sia turned her swag on to take pics and chat with the cutie behind the counter and I decided to jump on the subway with Deja while Sia and Theresa stayed to hang out in Times Square. It was great evening and I forgot all about the Bloomingdales disaster. All was right again in New York.

1)OOTD Friday 2) Bubba Gump Shrimp 3) Goodbye Pod Hotel we're off to Brooklyn
1) Shopping Soiree 2) Thursday Night OOTE 3) Lollies galore

Blazer Thrifted / Top Best and Less / Tights Target

Friday morning was our last day at the Pod Hotel. We woke up and packed up. We took some more photos of our view and doing things that had become our usual routines. We caught a cab through the rush hour to attend the shopping soiree. Wasn't really impressed with it at all. There wasn't anything I wanted to buy and there was no real atmosphere. People just wandered in and out. My sister bought a few pair of earrings but I left after about 30 minutes. Waste of money really. Vendors pay to sell and shoppers pay to shop. The whole FFFW was pretty disappointing. I missed tickets to Indie runway show and I didn't like the other 2 events I attended. The White Cruise was cool fun but if I was ever to attend again it would be to support my friend Jen sell her Seraphim label.
After we left we made our way into Times Square. My cousin wanted to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp. I wasn't keen because I had it in Manila. It was nice but I felt it was the type of thing you only need to do once because it's quite expensive and there is so much better food around New York.

After we had lunch we organised a driver to take us to our new home in Brooklyn with Gabby and Candice. This is where our new adventures began. It was Candice's birthday and we celebrated by eating more at Dallas BBQ. The atmosphere was awesome. It was packed with families, graduation parties, birthdays and people on dates. Everyone was talking, eat and sipping on the signature frozen cocktails. We were full from lunch and decided to order one meal to share between the three of us. The meals are huge and we still had leftovers! It's definitely a place my family would love to go and eat at.

We ordered the Henney wings with corn bread and yellow rice. It's far from fine dining but that's why I loved it soooo much. Lots of hot crispy wings and rice and cornbread. The kind of food we grew up on. We drank virgin Pina Coladas and managed to pack two containers of leftovers to take home with us.

Big Love,

Falala Mele

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aussie Curves: LBD

Little Black Dress aka Lifesaver.
Throughout the years my personal style has changed a lot. Sometimes I look back at old photos and either cringe or laugh. There's rarely a photograph where I think "Dayum had it right then." 

I mean when do you ever truly get it right

At least there is the LBD. It's like your best friend; reliable and it always makes you feel good. It always has your back and it's fuss free. Throw it on with a few accessories and you can transform your look instantly. I have two that currently sit in my wardrobe and I wore my Forever 21 LBD to my cousin's graduation party. I picked it up in New York on my first ever trip in 2011.

Mum, Theresa, Dad and I with Sia on her graduation.

I helped organise my cousin's grad party so throughout the evening I was running around with family to ensure that everything was running smoothly. I had like an hour to get ready after setting up the hall so this LBD was a beautiful timesaver. I paired it with my leather belt and brown wedges for a subtle contrast.

 Look at how beautiful my family look in their LBDs. Perfect for all shapes and sizes.

The ladies loved the boys show. 

Also thought I'd add in a little LBD flashback. 
LBD 2011
LBD 2012
LBD 2013
Big Love,

Falala Mele.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

NYC Summer: Day 4 (I think)

 Hi Falalas,

Just a quick post to share my ootd on my New York Summer Adventure.... Feels like an eternity ago now. My previous post said we had a pretty laid back day. After wondering around we came back and got changed to go to the Bloomingdales free event for FFFW. If you followed any of the FFFW events then you probably heard a lot of negative feedback for this one and that's because it wasn't really that good and the people who attended the event were mad.

I feel like the general public got the idea that we all weren't happy and even Gwen DeVoe responded to Jassifer's post on it HERE. Running a huge event like the FFFW is bound to have holes because there is just so much to do and I don't want to be negative and nit pick so I'm just gonna say that I didn't like this event and I wouldn't attend it again.

The best thing about being stuck in a small confined space was that I got to meet some awesome plus sized beauties. Some models, bloggers and of course regular people like me who just wanted to have a little look around.

This is what I wore. I thought it was about time I get out of my Chucks and after meeting Kiah from THE REZ TO THE CITY I was ready to roll outta there. On my way out I stumbled into the Magnolia bakery and picked up some ice tea and a peanut ice box. FROTH! Lol it was so nice but I couldn't finish it. Too rich and decedent but definitely worth it just to say I did.

Check out my sister's comprehensive post the Bloomingdales event HERE.

Shorts Avella (originally pants but I cut them) / Singlet Factory / Blazer Thrifted / Chain Gifted/ Shoes Target

Big Love,

Falala Mele

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Aussie Curves: Feminine

Dress: Vintage Floral Australian Dress made in Melbourne. $2.50 at the Salvos
Hat from Cabramatta for $2
Boots: Target  /  Glasses: Cotton On

Hello my fellow Falalas,

I've finally made it back to the Aussie Curves challenge list. I'm so excited to be back and primarily because two of my girls have decided to join the challenge this year. I've been very fortunate to grow up around beautiful girls. Sally was my high school and we did everything together. Our love for music and food and Koori culture and all things ghetto brought us together. Our tastes and interests developed and our lives rolled out on different tracks but I still count her as one of my homegirls. She's been through a lot lately and I'm so happy that she's out there being bold and fierce not matter what. This is her contribution to the Aussie Curves Feminine week. I'm digging the floral dress. Nothing seems more feminine than a dress with a floral print. Sal's hair is freaking awesome too!

Then there's Lo. My curvaceous sister from another Mister and the first person I featured on my blog in the WHAT SHE'S WEARING POSTS see HERE. We met in college and pretty much became inseparable when she moved into dorms. She went off to Hong Kong when she graduated and moved to Mildura after that job. She is now the Deputy Principal of our little school. She is the main reason why I decided  to move here. I thought it's be awesome to be paid to work with your friend. The Mildura adventure has been great. I have loved settling into this town and know that I will miss it when I leave at the end of the year. I'm so happy Lo decided to join in with the Aussie Curves fun and she now has a blog of her own. Click here: CONFESSIONS OF A PLUS SIZED BEAUTY. Be sure to check her out and follow. This is a new adventure for her so why not share the journey with her.

How cute are my sister girls???

Big Love,

Falala Mele.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Saturday, August 10, 2013

NYC Summer Day 4

Dress Thrifted Best & Less /  Shoes Converse / Bow found in Manila 

Day 4: NYC wanderings.

After the WHITE CRUISE and our late night after party at Pie Face we finally had our first sleep in. I can't remember exactly what time we woke up but after lazing about in our room and contacting everyone quickly at home via our online portals, by the time we walked out of the hotel it was lunch time.

Perfect time to get the 2 course $10 lunch special at the Thai place that was next door. I needed some fresh food so I got the green mango salad and a delicious eggplant curry. Pretty sure I have pics on my instagram feed @mele2541. The food was so fresh and delicious and since then eggplant has been my current obsession of late. I've recently made eggplant and quinoa lasagna and yesterday I made a sweet potato & eggplant curry for the week. YAYURR!

So we ate and we wandered around and chilled before we made our way back to the pod. We were going to the Bloomingdales FFFW event that evening. I'll post on that soon.

Big Love,

Falala Mele.