Friday, April 29, 2011

LG: Life's Good


 Just wanted to share a few snaps of Broome....Like I said was HOT and very pretty...and I miss it atm because it is..... *clears throat to sing*

"RAINING its pouring, the old man is snoring"

and that is freaking weird because it is usually so dry here (being the desert)....for the last three mornings I have woken up to the sound of rain......partly because I love that sound and it is so foreign out here and also because the rain brings CENTIPEDES and I am scared shitless of them because they are fugly looking creatures, they move so fast, they can be hiding in your bed, shoes or ANYWHERE and they are supposed to HURT like a mo'fo if they bite/sting you (I don't know exactly what they do, and I do not really want to find out) I got up and sprayed the doorways and around the floor with insect spray in the hopes of keeping them at bay...and so far so good! 

The rain really poured today.....after a trip into town to restock my groceries (and paying $4 for one red capsicum.....>.< the prices of fresh (if you can call it that) produce out here is ridiculous) and wading through various flooded roads.....I was home....and today I didn't miss anyone or anything....I heated my vegetable and lentil soup, hung up my new jacket (I made it into the Op Shop again) and curled up in my bed and watched Mad Men. 

LG Life's Good <3

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Yo' + Pearl giveaway reminder

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you all have had a lovely long weekend so far. Its really quiet here today and I have no nieces and nephews around to buy eggs for so I baked some chocolate cupcakes to give out to the people who are here....I had one and its been a while since I've had sugar and butter and it was all a taste overload...dare I say it...a little too sweet >.<  At one stage the sugar rushed into the tiny hole in my tooth...that wasn't a good time.

So anyways I took some pics the other day when the builders left. I wore my new boots and tights from Target and was playing with the self timer button....oh the things you do when youre by yourself, in the bush with no kids to teach. 

These tights would actually keep you pretty warm during winter. Some people are snobs and think that tights are not real clothes but whatever...they're comfortable and cheap and I think they look cooool! I have seen some really nice pairs that girls have found online and these were my first purchase that was not your standard black. I picked up the jacket from our local Opshop for $ not bad aye.


Boots: Target $35 Tights: $12 Top: Kmart $5 Blazer: Opshop $5

Um what else? I miss everything! I miss my friends, my family, my old house mate....Im not emo or anything...just missing mah peeps is all....But Im listening to Kirk Franklin's Smile...and it makes me do just that. I havent seen or spoken to anyone in real life today...I spoke to my sister via facebook chat and have spent the day cooking, baking and looking for music and looking at blogs. I must say it has been a nice and quiet day...however I can't wait for my students to return...I'm no hermit!

The quiet days are always good for day dreaming and thinking about what was and what it yet to be! Oh the possibilities! Yes...thats me thinking about my upcoming trip again.

Right now I'd rather be here \/

or with these people
So I guess its a picture overload...but I love looking at all my beautiful family and friends and all the good times. Oh and dont forget...theres only one week left if you would like to enter the Giveaway of the pearl click on the previous post to leave your details.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Deep Sea Moonlight Pearl Earrings Giveaway: In between the palm trees

Top: Best & Less $29  Tights: Target $10 Shoes: Target $10

Even though Broome (Western Australia) is such a beautiful place...the humidity is just like any other tropical place...warm and sticky :(
By the time you arrived at the conference one could easily be dripping with sweat. For most of my outfits I opted for a light flowing shirt with some short black tights. I had a baggage restriction so I had to make sure I could mix and match with a small amount of options. Because the outfit has a lot of black and bold pattern I decided to add some colour with beads, polish and a headband. The clean slick hair and nude face allowed the red lips to pack a punch. I like this look because it is simple and fresh and it worked in the sticky weather. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

Also onto more important things, as promised I have a beautiful pair of pearl earrings up for grabs. There is only 40 followers so far so the odds are good! I really would love to keep them for myself but I love all the feedback you guys give so I wanted to start off with something nice :) I usually wear the fake pearls you can buy in Diva and Equip but I guess there is just something special about a girl with real if you would like a chance to win these you need to do a few things:

1) You need to be a follower of Falala Mele (click "Follow" on the lower right hand side bar)
2) You need to leave your email address so that I can contact you
3) You must either leave the title and line in a song that has the word "pearl" in it OR
    you can describe what you would wear with these pretty pearls.

The winner will be notified in two weeks time on Monday the 2nd of May 2011.

Good luck!

Falala Mele xo

Saturday, April 16, 2011

blow out your candles

Clothes & Shoes: Kmart
Beret: Best and Less
shoes: $7.50 top:$30 jacket: $19

So I arrived back from Broome yesterday and spent the first night in my new house. I didn't sleep much because I'm still getting used to the space. It's not mine yet....even though I have the key it's still nothing to  me yet....just four walls....I hope that it will become home....because frankly I think I'm a little homesick :'(

I have no phone line out, no mobile coverage....just the net that my friend kindly left connected for me before she left.....the only thing is....its like 500mg peak and 1G off peak FOR THE WHOLE ENTIRE MONTH! I know its terrible and because I am so remote the internet prices are insane due to the fact that there is only 2 providers out here.....ANYWAYS this post is not for a big whinge....its to share some pics from my cousins birthday dinner. I was lucky enough to catch up with them before I left home and it makes me smile to look at these pics....and kinda reminds me that home is only 2 plane flights away....

We had dinner at Carlingford Korean BBQ...and I have to say....its fun cooking your food on the hot coals....but not if your HUNGRY!!! Lol...I mainly ate garlic bread and vegetables because they were the quickest thing to cook.... But the company was it always is with family.... MISS YOU GUYS....Happy Birthday Taufa...

One more thing before I sign out.....I purchased some pearls in Broome for my first ever in a few days I will post up the details and a picture of the pretty pearl earrings!! Follow if you haven't already for your chance to win :)

Hope you are all well tonight...Big Love

Falala Mele xo

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Soon I'll be dreaming of Broome

Very early tomorrow morning I will be leaving at 3am to travel to Broome (so basically in 3 hours). I'm going for a Professional Development Conference with all the other Independent Schools in Western Australia. The conference will be held at the Cable Beach Spa & Resort looking over Broome's beautiful Cable Beach. It's so hard to stay focused on what people are saying during the seminars because I would rather be outside exploring Broome itself. 

You can smell the frangipanis in the breeze, see big crocodiles or camels giving tourists a scenic tour of Broome and there are also coconut trees that litter the roadside. 

 1) Thats where the conference will be held
2)Thats where I will be staying
3)Seats at the old school outdoor theatre

Another cool thing about Broome is that it has the oldest operating Outdoor picture theatre in the world and it produces up to 60% of the worlds South Sea Cultured I'm hoping to get my hands on a pair of pearl earrings or something pearl for my first follower giveaway. I'm on the hunt for something pretty and pearly....stay tuned for the giveaway details...

Here is the trailer for the Australian movie Bran Nue Dae featuring the beautiful Broome. Enjoy

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Friday, April 8, 2011

Brunch xo

Hello world!

Just wanted to share a few pics of our family brunch last Sunday.
Brunch is something my family L O V E S! I think its my favourite get to eat yummy hot food before its lunch time! We usually do brunch only a few times throughout the year...Mothers Day, Fathers Day and certain birthdays if requested by birthday boy or girl..... My brother Tony and I did all of the cooking and props goes out to Tony who beated the delicious vanilla and Cinnamon cream by hand..... These photos make me feel so hungry because back out here I don't really have a great range of food supplies at the tiny outback supermarket and when eating alone the food doesn't taste nearly as good as when you share it with others. So its back to yogurt, grapes and chia seeds for my breakfast until the next special occasion.

On the menu:
Wholemeal Blueberry Pancakes with hazelnut chocolate and vanilla Cinnamon cream
Spiced Fruit English Muffins
Cheese Omelet or Spanish Onion, Mushroom and Pepper Omelet
Crispy Bacon
Beef Sausages
Butter & Garlic Mushrooms

Big Love,

Falala Mele