Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mele Kalikimaka

Merry Christmas my wonderful readers! I have been so busy this December and its been jam packed with things to see and do with my family and friends. I trust you all had a lovely Christmas day yesterday! I know I totally suffered from a food coma >,<  so I woke up this morning and guzzled a liter a water to help my poor body flush out all the excessive carbs, fats and sugars consumed previously! As we speak my brother is making some bubble and squeak but I opted for a beautiful fresh corn, cucumber, coriander, lime and chili salsa that was left over from lunch. Its so fresh and I will try to have an abundance of raw fruits and veg over the next few days as a bit of compensation to my Christmas feast.
So here a few pics I wanted to share. This is the first Christmas for my little blog and I know I really loved looking at eall the christmas posts last year. A special hello to my new followers. I am so very honored to share my little part of the world with you all.
My brother Tony and nephew Khie
My parents with Theresa and Tony...5 siblings missing here :P
We made cake pops, rice bubble treats and shortbread biscuits to give to our family members
Lali is reading the story about the birth of Jesus

Meet my little niece Mia-Rose. Look at us in our dots on Christmas morning :)

This is the closest I got to an outfit post. I was so happy to find this on Christmas eve. I was heading to the Salvo's to look for last minute glass jars and plates to serve up all my home cooked sweets for family members and I found this top. EVERYTHING in the store was half price so I got it for $1! I also picked up some handbags and jackets (I wrapped some up for my sisters Christmas present and she LOVED them) and I found HEAPS of wonderful vintage earrings!!

Everyone loved the sweets and it meant I basically gave gifts to all my family members without buying nothing new. I did buy a few new things for my sister but she was my "Secret Santa" and so I got her a present with our price limit.

After visiting other family members we settled down to a hot roast lunch. Even though its hot in Australia and we usually have a mix of seafood and hot roasts; everyone can't go past the roast lamb.

After eating, and chatting and sharing our bon-bon Christmas jokes we sipped on punch and waited for our stomachs to adjust before having dessert and opening presents.

It was such a wonderful time to remember the birth of Jesus and the reason for this special season.

I also wanted to mention the two beautiful bloggers who have interacted with me and or featured me on their blog. You have no idea how much this and this made me smile! Sorry I go a while without thanking you all for your support. I haven't even kept up to date with all my lovely blogger lady friends. I seem to get online, load up some pics and get off. But I really do appreciate all the comments, feedback and support. You are all truly amazing women. I wish all women treated each other with this much support and respect. Mad love for you all.

Falala Mele xo

Sunday, December 18, 2011

grad banquet

Hello lovely readers. I am busy trying to cram in social meetings with friends, end of year celebrations and graduation festivities. Last weekend my sister graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood. Being her final year of college, she worked really hard (she had a seven subject load >,<) but she also managed to be involved in some committees that organised important things for the graduation class. Her two friends Rhiannon and Tegan took on the roll of organising the graduation banquet and she promised to help them. So I arrived the night before the banquet and their dorm lounge room was a little sweatshop. Everything that decorated the banquet was hand made and unique. I offered my sewing skills and sewed all the little banners together. My lovely friend Emma offered her artistic skills and scribbled any posters and or pictures that were required. 

From the wonderful goldfish to the thumb print tree and grad awards....everything was so beautiful and special. Live music, friends and a photo booth....we had a great night. I hope you are making the most of this festive season and catching up with friends and loved ones.


What I wore: I finally had the opportunity to wear my ASOS flowing champagne top. I had purchased it before I left for America but I never felt the urge or the need to wear it and I'm glad I didn't because I didn't have to spend money buying anything new for this event. I just looked in my cupboard and pulled this very simple look together.

I straightened my hair for a casual polished look. I seem to be putting my hair up a lot lately and I didn't have much time to get ready so it was quick and easy.

I kept my eyes dark and everything else nude. I either do eyes or lips so this night the eyes were the accentuated feature and I wore some extremely long lashes!

I forgot to get a proper shot to show how pretty the top falls. It kind of drapes around the side and it ties up at the back.


My sister also wore a beautiful vintage dress found at the Salvo's and spent a whole $1 on it. WINNING! Doesn't she look divine? So this would have been great for BNNM because the girls sourced EVERYTHING (besides the goldfish) from second hand stores and or found them (sticks and rocks). Aren't they just amazing!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mami's surprise getaway

My family and I thought it would be a great idea to surprise our hardworking Mothers with a weekend getaway. We have never really done anything like this before and after a few months of planning things quietly and collecting money of our various siblings to pay for the weekend, we were ready to tell them "Pack your bags, we are going away!".

After the initial questions of where to and what for; they joined in on the fun and boarded a plane outward bound from Sydney to Gold Coast (a short one hour flight away). We checked into Jupiters Casino and enjoyed eating out and catching up with some family members who recently moved from New Zealand to the Gold Coast.

Whilst they don't have an endless supply of energy I seem to find when I am on holidays, they did seem to enjoy themselves and I was absolutely delighted to be spending the weekend with Ruth. My dear friend and recent Samoa travel buddy. We tried to get over our post holiday slump by reminiscing and eating together but it seemed to make us want to go back even more.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend spent with our Mothers. Why don't you send your Mother a card or do something simple to show her how much she means to you.

Big Love,

Falala Mele

Monday, December 5, 2011

wedding pics pt.2

As soon as I spotted this bright patterned top I wanted it. I was overjoyed that it was big and flowy. My go to summer look is a bold flowy tops with black tights or shorts. Simple and cool.

I found this during my BNNM and I thought it would be a comfortable and bright outfit to wear. So my style. I wore my sister's brand new Forever 21 black pleated skirt (that is true love when someone shares something they have never worn before) and I was so comfortable. The shoes are my City Chic low heeled peep toe shoes and of course the fan to keep the heat at bay.

The humidity totally determined my hair do for the day. I just sprayed my hair in place and it was good to go.

I felt bright, feminine and fresh. Do you like?
After the wedding I slipped out of the skirt, got my tights on and wore my yellow chucks ready for a night of fun and dancing at Samoa's V Bar. Loved the chillax attitude and a chance to catch up with my other college friends Trina and Emma. I love our impromptu international meet ups and our late night summer adventures.

Big Love,

Falala Mele