Sunday, July 31, 2011

cherry town picnic

I was so very lucky this weekend. My wonderful friends made the 4 hour drive out of Sydney to come and visit me in my new home (well for the time being atleast) out at the good ol' country town of Young. This beautiful sleepy town doesn't have the anything fancy......there's one main street and after driving through the town once to find my new house.....I could easily navigate my way to school and back home again. It's still all very new.....I'm missing the places I visited during my holiday and the friends that were with its kinda hard to come back to a place Im not familiar with and to get stuck into work and like it......but wonderful friends and weekend picnics make all the difference.

I have also enjoyed having my Mum and Aunty visit....they are helping me settle in as well. Anyways it was a good excuse to make this delish salad that I had in Chicago.....they called it a harvest salad and it had my perfect combination of nuts and fruit in my salad. YUMMY!

The warm afternoon sun was enough to make us temporarily forget that it is winter.
I hope that you are all warm and well.

Big Love,

Falala Mele

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4th July pt.1

Well my lovely followers.....this is my second week in my new job and I feel as though my wonderful summer holiday went by so kinda feels like a dream....but then I log onto my facebook and I see that I my blogger friend Deja from Just Daisy tagged me in her summer album and then I realise....OH WAIT...just a few weeks ago...I was in NY!!!

So Im smack bang in the middle of winter and my summer glow is hidden by the layers of warm clothes....I do however have the photographic evidence that sweeps me back to the warmth, the sounds and the vibrancy of NYC. I was so very lucky to meet my friend Deja. It was so surreal and definitely THE highlight of my trip....aside from meeting the city itself...I met someone who belonged there....a REAL NEW YORKER! So Im a total tourist...I even told Deja we were so excited to walk around with a local to act like we belonged (and by we I mean my sister Pulu, Emma and other girlies from our tour).

So we met at about 8:30pm on the 3rd of July. We had just watched Jersey Boys (OH EM FRIKKEN GEEEEEEEE). Yes it was THAT GOOD....... and we had a belly full or Carmine's Italian food and we were pumped to meet Deja and just excited to hang out.......We spent the evening (and some US dollars) in the Times Square Forever 21 on some beautiful clothes.....I was surprised that most pieces I looked at were around $20 USD. In Australia I like to find stuff around $20 and under.....I'm a fan of bright colours and I couldn't wait to wear my new brights and stripes dress on the 4th of July. It was a little loose around the top but I love flowy clothes as well so I didn't mind.

 Meeting Deja was so much fun. I'm a newbie to blogging so I have never met up with any bloggers before. My friends and I were having dinner and they were sharing their crazy net stories......but I have followed her blog for a while now and I have always been impressed with her maturity and understanding of self and the revolving world so I knew we would get along.......AND DID WE GET ALONG!!! In a few hours we shared shopping, gelato, late night subway rides, giggles, roof top adventures, lost cute boys peering in our room, a hotel sleepover, strawberries and croissants. And just like a Sex in the City was so much fun and over too soon.

I loved listening to her talk about her city.....knowing that she knew her shit......I love that now when I think of New York...its no longer an abstract's a place that houses my friend...shes there...and she'll be there when I go back....and she'll fill me in on all the crazy things the city has done, what its been through and what's new....whats worth it...and what's not.

After we parted ways we made our way down to the Rockerfeller Centre to see the wonderful view.....we also tried our first giant pretzel (I did warn you in saying that I'm such a tourist) and bro it was GOOOOOD!
Then we jumped on the subway and made our way over to Coney Island!! It was the most fun just people watching....seeing everyone soak up the sun and buzz through the crazy crowd.
After that we made our way over the Brooklyn Bridge.....I hate walking where I'm supposed to so imagine all the angry people ringing their bike bells telling me to get out of their lane....oh well I made it over alive..........
and we found some delicious flower mangoes......YUMMY! Stay tuned for 4th July pt.2.......Thanks for reading....and if your in New York right now....please tell the city that I miss it.

Please note some of the shots featured is the work of my little sister Theresa.....we kinda grabbed each others camera throughout the trip and we basically share everything instead of keeping and sharing only the ones we took...we just share them all.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Saturday, July 23, 2011

baby it's you

I have been debating how I am going to share my pictures with you all....I was going to upload day by day OOTD shots but then I thought I would just start sharing because otherwise it might not happen at all. So this outfit was worn when I went to watch the Broadway show "Baby it's You" the untold story of The Shirelles. I didn't even know this show was running until I saw a big advertisement on the side of a bus and I just knew I had to see it because my sister and I are a big fan of The Shirelles.

When the show first started I thought "Oh no is this just going to be a tribute-like knock-off show"....but thankfully IT WAS AMAZING!!! We all cried......the lady who plays the manager of the girl group....she was such a was lovely to hear their songs in the context of her life...... Go and see it if you are there or if you love old school music like I do.

As for the outfit...I wanted to wear something cute and old school. So I thought it was time to pull out my pretty dress I pulled outta the free pile. Its a vintage dress that had long sleeves and a longer hemline. Without the alterations I felt a bit swallowed by the dress but after I shorted the hemline and sleeves.....I just fell in love wit it. I just kept everything simple and understated with just a lick of red polish and red lips to bring it all together.

After the show my friends and I wondered around Times was so crowded and I thought about how eerie the place would be with all the lights flashing with no one if you have been there...imagine what it would be like if you were the only person there.....weird aye.....
but yeah here's my free pile dress.....I love it....what do you think?

Meet my lovely friend Rhiannon. She's on lookbook if you're interested in following her.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

tears dry on their own

Words can't express how very sad I am today. I woke up to find a text from one of my best friends telling me that Amy Winehouse passed away. Its beautiful how the language of music transcends cultures, countries and all boundaries and you feel like crying even though you haven't even met the person behind the voice. But then again, because you listen to their feel like you know them and in many ways you do know them.

I don't give a damn about what  people say.....when she sang....I was taken away....and like my friend Deja said....she took you to another place.

My last post....... I was feeling so bummed to be back in Australia after the thrill of holidaying and being free....and then coming back to the responsibilities of a new job....and a new house and town (out in the country again...I know whats up with that.....) that kinda took the buzz outta everything. But I put on Amy listening to a lil "back to black" but then moving onto all my other favourites to pick me up again.

Amy brought something back to the modern artist for me....I don't know if I have posted about it specifically but I'm always telling people that I'm always looking for great old school artists because a lot of the new music that I come across.....well it doesn't have the same heart or soul...... I'm sad for all the songs she will never sing, I'm sad for her family and friends....the ones who knew her and supported her no mater what the haters said.....and I'm sad for my own circle of friends who adored Amy Winehouse's music.

Rest in Love Amy Winehouse.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo

Sunday, July 17, 2011

back to drab

Hello my friends! Sorry its been forever since I have posted....I'm trip was AMAZING!!! GAHHH its hard to find the words to express how much fun it was to spend time with my friends soaking up the sun and energy. I was fortunate enough to meet my blogger friend DEJA amongst checking out the sights and amazing galleries.....but now its back to reality...hence the "back to drab" so cold at the moment and I was so sad to pack away my temporary summer its back to warm clothes.... BORING!!! Nah I guess its not that bad....but I'm starting a new job....I was expecting it at all and I'm coming to terms with my new job, new house and new responsibilities.

I'm slowly working through my photos and I hope to upload them and share my experiences with everyone soon....its just that time is the killer at the as soon as I get a moment to stop.....I will be back in business.....BUT I MISS YOU ALL!!! And I cant wait to get back to my blogging....and following all my favourites again.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo