Tuesday, March 29, 2011

grey's green's and fun times in between

Hello world! How are we all tonight? 
CJ and Mele
So its Tuesday night here in Australia and I have approximately 5 days left before I have to head back out into the Western Desert (yes for real) and get back to my job teaching a class of 16 grade 3,4 & 5 Aboriginal students. I enjoy my job most of the time even though I'm not one of those "super organised, got all my unit plans and assessments done" type of teacher....so not looking forward to all the planning, assessing and reporting part of the job....but so excited about seeing my lil ones again.

Also super thankful that I'm all better now..... (I have spent the last 3 months at home recovering....don't want to bore you with details....I was sick but now I'm better) so THANKS GOD!!

I have MANY MANY things to be thankful for...like amazing friends....I know I talk about my friends A LOT but they really are THE BEST. I have my college friends, my home friends and my cousins and sisters who make up a whole other social circle. 

Also had a wonderful communion service at church...as a part of our communion service we partake in foot washing just as Jesus did with his disciples...all the women go into one room and the men in another and it really is a humbling experience to get on your knees and wash someones elses feet...just to serve them and to show  love....and to remember what Jesus taught us while he was here....No no! I'm not getting preachy trying to convert anyone...it was just something that was special to me and something that I'm thankful for.

Enough rambling from me now.....These pics were taken when we went to the local pub for dinner with my friend Cleone....we all laughed when they got in the car because we all had some green or grey on...I was initially planning on dressing up but we went early (7:30) so I went comfy casual with my grey over sized top. Belt for some colour and to show shape and comfy flats... after dinner we stayed and danced a bit (it was RETRO NIGHT!) yeah baby..the commitments, Whitney and ACDC......so the hair started of in a low pinned bun...but once the dance moves escalated so too did the sweat beads, so the coolest option was pulling it all high and back..... you know its a good night when your hair is all messed up :P

PS If you live in Australia and haven't been to Kmart lately....you need to check it out....I picked up comfy peach flats, camel gladiator type sandals for $2.50 and a pair of camel lace up shoes with a medium heel (comfy again <3) for $7.50....heaps of tops, shorts at dresses for under $10..... It was fun searching for good stuff!

Big Love,

FalalaMele xo

Lissa and mental face me
my delicious dinner
Friends since forever xo
Judy Jordan Leeza
this is what happens when you don't learn how to use your camera feature....meh..I like it
End of the night...hair all done up out of the way... so good to see my little sister's bestie Kirsty


  1. You look great girl and the food looks DELISH! My dad lives in Australia..but I have yet to visit! I definitely have to get down there!


  2. oh you should COME! Im sure you'd love it! Where does your dad live??? Definately try...Im going to try and feature a bit more of Australia in the posts...

  3. hehehe follow you?