Monday, May 30, 2011

"bag lady you gon hurt your back, dragging all them bags like that"

I love Erykah Badu's "Bag Lady" and I thought of that song as soon as I was asked by the wonderful Denise of Loca and the cool SheDel of My Thrifted Closet "What's in my bag".......
I love seeing what people carry around, their daily essentials....and I have to say mines pretty boring at the moment. I swing from one extreme to the other.

If I have my big black Roxy bag I will have my whole life in name it and I probably have in there.....granted that most of it is junk.....but I guess the more room I have in there....the more I tend to pack in there.....

At the moment I am living out of my small Rip Curl over the shoulder bag. It is clamped shut and its really sturdy so I have fun seeing how much crap I can pack into it.....At the moment it reflects my basic needs living out in the middle of you can see there is no phone.....I am notorious for never having my phone on me...I think my friends and family hate that the most about me >,<   but out here there is no mobile coverage so my phone becomes my alarm clock and music piece for the gym.

So here's what is in my bag

  1. Rip Curl clamp purse
  2. Another smaller Rip Curl Black purse (I hate wallets... I always use coin purses where I can dig around in a pit of cards, receipts and money.....ask my friends how long I had my last one for.....they kept asking me when I was going to buy a new one)
  3. Ipod touch (a must for the hour drive into town on Fridays after class.... I take a pillow and sleep listening to my jams)
  4. USB probably full of random shit I have like 5 of them floating around
  5. Wrigglys Zing Chewy (maybe you call it gum?)
  6. Cool Mint breath freshener (my sister brought one so I thought it could be handy)
  7. Avon banana lip gloss
  8. money
  9. earrings
  10. my keys (house key and classroom key as I don't have a car out here) and my Wiggles key ring from my niece and Cairns keyring from my friend Amy)
  11. Glasses and  case
That was it minus the few empty chewy wrappers I threw away.....Its kinda boring but I thats all I need out here........I usually also always carry my camera with me...but that lives in its own bag.....

Now for the fun part....I wanna see whats in:

 Emma's bag of The Girl You Lost
Catherine's bag of I do things the hard way
Jennifer's bag of Jasifer Lions Club
Deja's bag of Just Daisy

and anyone else who wants to play....I didn't wanna be greedy and request everyones....but then again...I wouldn't mind!

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. Awww mele! I'm so glad you tagged me I can't wait to do another "What in your bag..." post! I love your bag its super cute and I have to get me some cute key chains like you have lol :P


  2. Thanks for sharing. Girl I'm posting one too and I can't wait for the comments about my messy ghetto bag!! lol I think is so funny that you call gum chewy!! You have to do a vlog so I can hear your voice. Kiah

  3. hahah I could never do that with my bag! too many embarrassing papers n nonsense!

  4. I do want to do a vlog...but my camera is HD and the first one I made was too long and wont I might do Daisys tumblr accent challenge so its quick!!! YAY for ghetto bags!!! LOL Trust me mine would have been GHETTO IF IT WAS ANY BIGGER!!!

  5. I love whats in your bag posts :)


  6. OMG Mele Thank you so much for the blog love <3 <3 !!! Great minds do think alike LOL we do have the same color blog ! Girl I am loving ur blog and following u for sure xoxo

  7. been trying to figure out why this song been in my head for the past 3 days!!'re



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  9. that is such an awesome post!! I'm bag obsessed, plus super nosy, so getting to see inside someone's bag is heaven on earth to me. I too prefer clasp purses to normal ones....methinks when I manage to wrangle my camera back from my sister, I'll be doing my own What's in my bag post!