Thursday, October 4, 2012

School Holidays pt. 1

Hello my lovely ones,

How are you all? I had a quick scroll through my blog and realised all my posts have been Aussie Curves submissions. While I love participating in it I, I realised I haven't shared any of my fun times with you guys lately and really......that's not good enough because I'm all about fun times :)

So these school holidays I have been REEEEEALLLY busy catching up with friends and family. I'm not complaining because I love moving around...If you have some idea of NSW geography I will share my travels with you all.

I started off in Nowra, headed up to Sydney, Newcastle, Raymond Terrace, Williamstown, Cooranbong, Tuggerah, Sydney, Campbelltown, Mt. Druitt, Nowra, Sydney, Opera House, Penrith, Blacktown and back down to Nowra. PHEW! I'm tried just trying to remember it all.

So my friends I wanted to share some pictures with you all before they get stored in the "to-post" file and that is long enough already (I have some lovely photos from my trip to Samoa, family reunion photos from New Zealand in April, a cousin's grad party, and another cousins 21st in Qld to share).

Congratulations to my beautiful cousin Hermione. She has officially become and Educator <3

  Mele Dress: H&M Basic Jacket: Opshop/Thrifted $3 Hat $6 found in Harlem     Niva: Top and Necklace: Opshop find

Teacher Crew ;)

More pics to come.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. gosh darn mele! i miss reading this type of blogpost too. i really enjoy looking at your pictures of family and friends gathered together. i find these sorta gatherings so tiring (especially the 'getting there' part) but so worth it. absolutely love that chola look in the 3rd pic ;)
    luv, jijixx

  2. Totally fab pics and I see what you mean about my ducks being "the more the merrier" as the same applies to you = Wonderful times ;~)