Friday, October 26, 2012

I heart my body 2012

This body of mine, was created in flesh
stitched together in the womb of my mother
a descendent of royalty

A new heart, a new mind 
this body of mine, eyes so ample and feet so free
I live abundantly 

This body of mine, resilient and strong
 destroyed by sickness, plauged and weak
now moves with strength and purpose

Forgiving me when I didn't know any better
this body of mine, carries me
and moves me with others

The world will measure and see what it wants
but this body of mine is a contributor
to life

For I touch, I teach, I make, I know
I run, I respond, I wonder, I try

This body of mine
imperfect and judged
stitched and healed

But I go, I think, I care, I learn
I taste, I refuse 

and still
I talk, I listen, I serve, I sing
I feel, I love, I change
I stand

Rebuke the struggle and worthless standards
 move in the glory of your Maker 

I am more than my body and I will not be measured by it
I am 
what I give 
unto the world.

But this body of mine
Is mine after all




Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. Lovely words; gorgeous images.

    Thank you for linking up xx

    1. Thank you Carly. So many wonderful stories to read because of the campaign xo

  2. Wow Mele .... You have moved me ... you are amazing.... much love..

  3. Seriously one of the most beautiful things I've read on the interwebs. Ever. Just beautiful. xo

  4. This has got to be one of the best 'i heart my body' posts ive read!
    just... beautiful!

  5. Thanks for expressing an often neglected truth so beautifully. Our bodies are part of us but they are not us. We should never be defined by them.

  6. So beautiful! He doesn't make mistakes, but forgives ours! Your creativity is a beautiful reflection of our Maker!

    1. Thank you lovely readers. Your responses have been so beautiful.

      I appreciate it xo

  7. i can't believe i missed this post! it's so beautiful, mele, the words : " I am more than my body and I will not be measured by it I am what I give unto the world." rings true to my heart.
    so beautiful.
    luv, jijixx

  8. What gorgeous words and stunning images x