Monday, October 15, 2012

Aussie Curves: Knits for Melbourne

A few weeks ago I made a quick weekend trip to Melbourne. The main reason for the trip was a private family matter but it also worked out well for a few of my Sydney girls to make it that weekend.
So it really did turn into a little mini-reunion for my college sisters and I.
 The weather was sooooo cold. I really struggled with it. I just wanted to shut down and lie in bed.
But it's nothing a lil midnight-hot soup in Chinatown-couldn't fix. We only had two short days with months to catch up on, so I just had to soldier on.

Of course the cold Melbourne weather insisted that I packed only my warmest clothes and even though I layered and added more layers, I still found myself shivering. After day 1 I refused to be as cold the next day so I wore my thermal ski jacket that I found in Sydney at a Salvos store. It looks like something they would wear at Kodiak Valley (Hot Tub Time Machine) and that is not a bad thing for me! It was only $4 and I was instantly drawn to it because of the bold pattern and colour. The shiny army green material is not something I usually like but the pattern was just too good to give up.

My lovely friends xo ILYG

Thermal Ski Jumper Thrifted / Tights Kmart / Shoes Converse / Glasses Equip

The thermal underlay is covered with a woollen knit and it really did stay true to its word as it kept me warm and happy. My cupboard is full of lovely knits that I have picked up from second hand shops. The quality is superior and I often find hand knitted jumpers that have never been worn. I found a lovely oversized black one during the last school holidays with a silver glitter in the wool. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet but I just love how they trap the heat.

To my US readers who are gearing up for the colder weather: What are your favourite knits and how do you wear them? Excited to see what our other Aussie Curves ladies put together this week.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. That sweater is giving me life! I love it! Kiah

  2. I love those scenery images, great photos!

  3. I love that knit! the colours are amazing!
    hope you had some fun in melb.

  4. i have a HUGE knit infinity scarf that i've owned for over 2 years. every year i get so excited for cold weather so i can wear it. trust me, it's amazing. b/c the only other reason i look forward to cold weather is the change to wear my leather jackets again :)

  5. Great pics and you're working a fabulous look for looks like it's a fabulous day ;)

  6. Love it. The group shots just made me smile. Happy to see you so blessed with fab family and friends. They look like a hoot!

    I love hand knitted stuff. My mother knits like a mad person and they are the BEST. Not too mush use for them in Queensland though. A week of cold weather hardly justifies it. Haha.

  7. Looking great again! I'm tired of the cold in Vic too!