Saturday, October 20, 2012

BNNM: Local Farmers Market

One of the great things about living in Mildura is the crazy amount of fresh produce available to us. It's so nice to eat with the seasons. It's fresh and great quality produce. During winter we has loads of pumpkin soup because we could pick up huge pumpkins for $5. Last weekend I wandered down to the Mildura local farmer markets and soaked up the sunshine. Each week we have Sunday markets either in Mildura, Merbein and Red Cliffs.

When you buy local you are supporting local jobs and businesses. You are cutting down transportation costs and you know where your products come from. Local is good and they care about customer satisfaction. Need any more reasons?

I love chatting to the local vendors. I walked away with some fresh sugar snap peas, avocados, passion fruits and carrots. Each week there is something different and it depends on what is available and that's half the fun of it. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of fresh tomatoes. HELLOOOOOO bruschetta!

Big Love,

Falala Mele 


  1. Agree with everything you said in this post! There's asparagus everywhere at the markets lately. It's a great way to shop.

    1. Yes I have been buying loads! First time having them fresh cause I loved the tinned one (weird I know) but the fresh ones are delicious! I love them fresh, in a pan with some olive oil and in my quiches....YUMMO