Sunday, October 14, 2012

BNNM: How to buy a pre-loved present

Hello lovely ones,

One of the biggest challenges when participating in the BNNM is trying to stick to it when other things pop up. Birthdays usually mean the purchase of a gift for a friend. You couldn't possible give your friend something second hand. That would be tacky. They wouldn't like it right?


Yeah yeah's the thought that counts blah blah blah. But seriously buying a good present is a skill. You have to think about the person, their interests, what they have, what they don't have, what they like and of course the budget.

On my last birthday I received perhaps the BEST present I have ever gotten. My friend Moala sent a big box with me as I made the move to Mildura and I waited to open it when I got into my new house. With each item I picked out of the box I thought "Yes! You know what I like!".

I think if someone gets you something that let's you know that they know what you like, then your job is done.

Wrapped beautifully in some newspaper ;)
Instead of buying tissue paper she wrapped it in this beautiful scarf.
Loads of gems inside. This vintage buckle bag, AMAZING glasses and one of the many fab pieces I got.

Moala works at a radio station in Sydney so she gave me some CDs she scored from work. YAY country music ;)

Five gifts that won't break the bank but still mean a lot
  1. Photos of special moments. Many people take loads of photos but hardly anyone ever prints them off. I usually go to my local opshop and find a beautiful frame and fill it with a special memory.
  2. Cook breakfast, lunch or dinner. You have to eat right? Why not spoil them with something you made.
  3. I personally love letters. I cherish all my 3 shoeboxes full of high school moments and memories on each page of scribbled handwriting. The conversation was riveting. Who loved who, who wore what, who kissed who. But that was our youth. We were still innocent, calling our friends houses for a three way chat and collecting tazos. We were still listening to Rick Dees and recording our favourite songs onto tapes. Now days kids get texts and pictures. Just not the same. Write a letter to your friend and fill it with special moments or special nothings that will one day mean something as they open it up 10 years later. I scanned all my old letters I got from my BFF and made a photo collage for her birthday. She loved it!

4.Vintage bags. While some people get all freaky when it comes to second hand things, most people cannot turn down a beautiful vintage bag. There is usually 1 or 2 quality bags when I visit a second hand store and prices start from around $5
5. Pick some flowers. It's spring. Go for a walk and pick some. My Mum has been filling our house with loads of flowers from her morning walks. She put some in my room when I went home for the holidays and it was so nice. Get an old glass jar and tie and ribbon around it. People love flowers.

What about blokes? Wash their car. It's a nice gesture and it leaves them with one less thing to do.

Big Love,

Falala Mele


  1. hiya mele,
    when is your birthday?? have i missed it?
    yup! you're incredibly lucky to have friends like moala who knows what you like. i'm lucky to have a few girlfriends like that. eventhough we've known each other since we were like 7, i sometime get it wrong too lol.
    luv, jijixx

    1. Birthday was in May :/ but I have a butt load of posts I need to share and when things pop up (like BNNM) I think to post something about it and not waste the pics/nice gesture from my friends. Good friends need to be recognised!!!! Moala is a great friend...I love her loads.

  2. the best present EVER?! gosh how will i ever top that? haha

    1. by nursing me back to health when I was really sick? WINNING over all others for my whole life!