Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aussie Curves: Breaking the Rules

I have really enjoyed everyones take on Breaking the Rules. It's interesting to see our own personal list of what we do and what we never do. For me, when I was younger, I would look at all my cousins and wish for beautiful clothes.

I would annoy them to let me do their makeup and convince them to buy clothes they would never buy because I promised them that it was 'cool'. From the get-go before I even realised it, I admired style and clothes that could transform you into something much cooler than what we really were. This is what dress-ups is all about.

I used to wear what would cover me. If it looked decent and it hid me enough than I didn't mind. Now I don't really abide by any fashion do's and don'ts. I wear what makes me feel 'cool'. Instead of listening to what the world dictates, I have a list of my own don'ts because certain things just don't make me feel cool.

1) Jeans or denim. Just never did anything for me. I love seeing them on another women but on me... SMH. Kinda like a no deal.

2) White glasses. I just cringe and my friends and I have a little running joke. It used to be the coolest shit going in high school when everyone paid like $200 to get a pair of white Oakleys but ever since then, whenever I see them I just think 'Who would buy that?'

3) Maxi dresses. Again another thing I admire on women who can carry the amazing feminine look. I just feel swallowed by it and being the shorty that I am, I tend to keep things short around my legs to create the illusion of a longer (or at least not shorter torso).

So anyways before I left to New York this year I went to St. Marys to get my lashes done and I saw this pair of white glasses. I don't know why but I thought they were cool and going against all my own rules I brought them.

Also needed a pair of shorts for work. So I just brought a cheap pair of jeans from K-mart on the slight chance that I might actually wear them and if I didn't then it would only be a loss of $15.

So here I am, breaking my own rules. I dig the shorts. I cut them and rolled the bottom. I will hem them when I find the time to plug in my sewing machine but I find I wear these shorts most weekends now. So I guess it's good to switch things up a little otherwise we'd always be the same.

White Glasses $6 St. Marys Bargin Shop / Earrings Vinnies $2

Thrifted: Blouse $2 / Coin Chain $3

Jeans (cut and bottoms rolled) Kmart $15 / Maroon Brogues $30 Rivers

Big Love,

Falala Mele 


  1. I had the coolest pair of white sunnies back in my teenage years, they were very Kurt Cobain inspired. My kids love wearing them now! Love your shorts! Bargain!
    Luv Jac@CommonChaosChronicle xoxo

  2. wow! love love love love love! that blouse and those shoes are fabulous!

  3. This is a really good Blog! I think it's very interesting.
    I Love your outfits my dear :)


  4. Loving your blog Mele, but loving your outfits even more!

    Matt xoxo