Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Feature: What she's wearing in Victoria and Samoa

Meet Malo, or affectionately known as Lo. This girl has been a never ending supply of great stories, hugs, kind words and giggles since the moment we met during college. I wanted to start a new feature to give you guys a break from my face and also because it is something that I really enjoy whilst reading other blogs. I'm so happy she agreed to be my first style feature sister....she really does inspire me with her natural see her heart when she smiles and when I look at how much she loves reminds me to do the same. I know you guys will love her as much as I do....her smile is infectious and whether she's by herself or in a crowd, this lady stands out!

People say that personal style should reflect your personality. So if its possible can you describe yourself in 10 words?

Confident, Different, Dresses to suit MY BODY Simple and Classy.

What is the greatest staple in your wardrobe?

Leggings!! I am a total Leggings freak now!! Dress it up, dress it down – long or goes with anything!!

When you want work it, what do you wear?

I love to wear anything low cut or off the shoulder! I like to wear clothes that accentuate my best breasts and booty are my best!! And I have sexy eyes, so it’s important to wear the right eye shadow too!!

What is something you have always wanted to buy or wear, but have never found?

I have always wanted to wear skinny jeans...but I know I can never pull them off! And I mean pull them off me when I am done wearing them! LOL...That is why I love wearing leggings!! Easy to put on and easy to take off!! LOL...

How do you embrace your curves?

I LOVE MY CURVES!! Just because you’re a curvy woman does not mean you need to put on those sweat pants and oversize tee. Not unless you stretch the neck of the oversize tee so it’s off the shoulder and swap those sweat pants with a pair of tights!!
But seriously...I never used to like being a big girl but I have learned to change my attitude. Now I like to wear stuff that flatters my wobbly bits. I love dresses, nice tops, jeans etc...I love to show what I have now rather than hide what I don’t have!!

Picture this: At the time you wear something and you think it’s the baddest shit going, but then later you’re like OMG? WTF? Would you care to describe if this has ever happened to you.

Oh its happened often!! Makes me want to crawl into a cave and just hide...I went through a phase at church when I was about 15 and I would always wear the traditional Samoan pea because I could never find nice looking clothes for me. I was always jealous of my besties cause they always looked hot, while I looked NOT!! I wore the Samoan outfits to hide it...but I could never find anything to match their clothes!! But then I realised that I was unhappy with myself because I was comparing...and when I stopped comparing...I realised I looked pretty dam fine no matter what I wore LOL!!

There was also this one time where I thought I was pretty cool wearing fake NIKE and ADIDAS from the Homebush markets and then I was picked on because the NIKE tick was the other way around...BADDEST SHAME!! LOL...but you know, you just deal with it and move on...a new day comes...and you are yesterdays news for real!!

What is something daring that you want to introduce to your wardrobe?

I actually want to introduce more bright and vibrant colors to my wardrobe! I am slowly becoming more comfortable in doing this...but I am such a black fanatic! I have so many black items of clothing because it is such a slimming color of course!! BUT, I am trying out new stuff...floral...pinks, blues etc...I am loving all this experimenting!!

What is the one thing (clothes, makeup or whatever) that transforms you (into sexy you, smart you, confident you or glamour you) when you wear it?

MMmmmm...this is a hard question...
Sexy me – Low cut tops and bronzer totally make me feel sexy...
Smart me – I have to say putting on heels make me feel professional and smart. Something about that extra bit of height that makes me feel like I have that much more of an advantage over another person I am competing with.
Confident me – Wearing Leggings!! Curvy women pull them off better than skinny ones...nothing wrong with showing a little booty!!
Glamour me – Bronzer and Purple Eye Shadow!! Also, off the shoulder tops are hot or split sleeved tops!! Awesome outfit for the clubs!!

Any tips or secrets you want to share about shopping or plus fashion style?

I learned that cardigans are a must if you have a problem with your arms like I do. You don’t need to shop expensive to look amazing...As much as I love places like City Chic, My Size, Autograph and Dream Diva, they are terribly expensive and only awesome for sale items!! Target, Best and Less, K-Mart and Big-W are just as awesome and affordable!!
Also, accessorizing is a TOTAL MUST!! You can turn a plain Best and Less Shirt into something fabulous just by throwing a few beads and hoops together!! ACCESSORIZE!! ACCESSORIZE!! ACCESSORIZE!!

No more questions, the floor is yours....any last minute messages and or shout outs to our lovely bloggers and readers?

I wanna shout out to my ladies Mele and Moala...miss you both so much!! REUNION ALREADY!!
Also, to my ladies from L2 and L1 – I miss you all so much!!
Lastly, to all curvy BBWs out there!! Love who you are and everyone else will too!! A confident woman shines more, so be confident and live it up!! Celebrate what you have!!


  1. what an awesome blog! here is so many things I like! Can`t wait to see more :)

    have a great time,

  2. I just love your posts, they are always so fun. :) I love how close you are with your friends; it reminds me of my group of besties.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my post last night by the way!

    Hope you're having a fantastic weekend. :)

    <3 Miranda

  3. You have the coolest friends ever! I love this post. I am loving "LO"!! She seems like a really special lady and I love the fact that she has a this is me...take it or leave it...but I'm gonna love me regardless attitude! Kiah

  4. my mouth hurts from smiling so much reading this!!!!! i think the thing i love the most is the authenticity - between these words and 'LO - THERE IS NO SPACE IN BETWEEN, what you see is what you get.
    your confidence + style = YEYEA YOU SEXY THING!!!

    LOVE 'my breasts and booty are the best' quote :) trudat son!!

    you both embody great ways of pulling off kitschy style to make your own, this post is the best :):)

    ps @ the 'think you're wearing the baddest shit then it turns out shat' thing ... i thought i was the only one lol