Saturday, May 28, 2011

summer garden party

I have really been enjoying all the grad posts all over blogger. Shirley's grad & Alexandra's Grad come to mind ....I think it's because it reminds me of mine....and how excited I was with all of my friends....the uncertainty of what comes next and also the realisation that there is a NEXT and that we would all go our separate was the most fun filled jam packed four many good times, such wonderful girls...... we lived in a girls dorm and while it might seem old school to allowed us to really connect with each other....rather than worry about being noticed or also created some fun times with the boys dorm/girl dorm rivalry..... like I said...kinda old school....but LOADS of fun...... I can't believe its my second year out teaching since graduating....time does fly!

My friends are scattered all over Australia...some are working internationally as well......I moved to the other side of Australia leaving behind my home, family and friends on a quest to "make a change" and have an adventure after grad...... but we still have that genuine friendship of our time spent together as sisters...... Here are some pics of our Grad garden was all the girls on our floor.....Level 2!  We chucked everything out our windows and set up was warm....we had a dance floor, bubbles, watermelon and was prefect! So I will be sharing a few more pics of my graduation in 2009....and I'm also looking forward to my sisters graduation December this year...... Congratulations to the 2011 Graduates!

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. hey!! you are awesome and I sent the answers back. I wonder what's in your bag, that's why I tagged you in this post.

  2. You guys look like you had an awesome time! I'm your new follower! Love your blog and the "What she's wearing" is such a great idea!
    I found you via My Thrifted Closet blog.. I love SheDel too!

  3. love this post! you guys had a freaking blast omg, great pictures mele :]


  4. Great photos! Look like you lovely ladies had an AH-MAZING time!

  5. Kick ass photos!!! I love all the colors and the prints. How fun and exciting celebrating such milestones, and you guys really did it in style. One question, any boys at the party? :) Where in Australia do you live?

  6. Hey Joy! No there wasnt any boys was near graduation so most of the students had left and the girls came back esp for it.... where I studied we didnt have co-ed dorms.... so old skool but kinda fun....we had girls tying sheets together to haul up their boyfriends.....and vice versa.... I live on the South Coast of NSW but always out and about around sydney.... Thanks for the love ladies!!! xo