Friday, May 27, 2011

acces denied

Skirt: City Chic $30 Top K-mart $5, Shoes City Chic $20 Bangles City Chic Earrings: Equip $5

Hello my dears!!! It feels like I have been gone forever but its only because my crummy net usage out in the bush was nearly up and its my only link to the outside world so I was trying to be super good and only use a little bit each day.....but then my provider was making some big changes to their billing system and I'm pretty sure it wiped the old usage meter which means I'm back in business!! YEW!

Sometimes I get so caught up with life and my job that I forget I have pictures and outfits that I have never posted....That's like these pics here....I'm pretty sure they are from march. I called this post "access denied" cause it was honestly so freaking sad....well to my life (at the time it was).....after being sick all summer....I finally started to get better...and my cousin sisters from Sydney were down and they were having a retro RNB night at a local I thought...lets go for a dance.....its free and will surely be a fun cut a long story short we got ready......they boy cousins were drinking......they wanted more alcohol......they were gonna drive to get my cousins boyfriend made my stupid cousin (the one in the front) take them to the bottle-o to stock up on grog...and the time ticked the point where we arrived at the door and got rejected cause we were like 2 minutes passed cut off time.....FML!

I was so was the first time I was heading out...feeling like a normal person.....feeling pretty again after being pale and stuck in pj's for so long. I actually cried a little...and I never cry! Oh how some disappointments feel like the end of the world.....I can laugh about it now...but I was dirty on the silly "do-gooder" cousin Sia could see how upset I was (I know....GET OVER IT MELE >.<) and she tried to make it all better by saying "we could go here or do that" and it made me feel even lamer for dressing up so much.....and like I thought they would...the stupid boys laughed at us when we came back home from our rejection..... anyways after I kinda realised it wasn't the end of the damn dramatic world I had imagined we decided to swing by to my other sisters house and kidnap her from one of those "I have my man so my family don't exist" relationships.....and we drove around blaring our music like teenagers getting coffee from maccas, taking photos at the local wharf and scouring through K-mart for more summer sale bargains....It was a pretty okay night.....

The outfit: I love this skirt so soon as I saw it I had to go and try it on!!! Its so pretty, and dressy and was only $30 and still on sale now (well it WAS but it must have sold out...but there is one close to it on the website here). I love it because I can add any top to it and it will look good. I love it with my $5 top because it looks like a LBD...and its comfy...and the SHOES! Low heel, comfortable for dancing all night and only $20 from City Chic.... both pieces will definitely get a lot of wear!

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. MELE!! i feel like i haven't talked to you in a squillion years. How are you ma friend? I love the Adele and Tyga song too...i DLed it after you posted it on FB. RE BLOG: sad story..but ..the pics turned out really nice though!! and the outfit is beautiful!! shoes look really cool and THAT top!! LOVE IT..i want it for ma self hahaha!! go the LBD!!! :D
    talk soooon i hope!! XOXOXOXOXO

  2. You look incredible girl! I love that outfit on you. The lace is beautiful! I also love your makeup. Your face looks so pretty and flawless!! Kiah

  3. ca-yute dress!! and shoes...and your makeup was on point!!

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