Saturday, May 28, 2011

What she's wearing in Winston-Salem USA

Ladies meet SheRea of My thrifted Closet.....the beautiful 19 year old thrift (or as us Aussies call it Opshop) crazy student who loves to find all things funky and beautiful! She spends pennies and proves that it is confidence that makes looks rather than labels. I don't know how I've missed her in my blog searches.....but the blogging Gods intervened and I am now following this gorgeous self-loving lady! I'm so happy that she has this confidence at such a young can just see her BEAUTY when she smiles. She kinda reminds me of my lovely friend Daisy, young but so intelligent and someone I would REALLY REALLY want to hang out with in my real world.....

People say that personal style should reflect your personality. So if its possible can you describe yourself in 10 words?
A thriftshionista who finds the true beauty in thrifted fashion.

What is your greatest staple in your wardrobe?
Definitely my Stacy Adams Oxfords. I wear them with EVERYTHING and I never apologize for it. They really helped to jumpstart my love of thrifting and I’ve never turned back. Matter of fact, I don’t intend to.

When you want to "work it" what do you wear?

I honestly wear full-fledged confidence. No amount of clothes or accessories in the world can replace genuine self-esteem. I think I’m “working it” in sweat pants and a t-shirt and no one can tell me otherwise.  However, some banging eyes and blush usually give me that kick in the right direction.

What is something you have always wanted to buy or wear, but have never found?
I usually find what I want to wear, however I still want to rock a jean jacket. I haven’t worn one since elementary school.  Oh yea, some harem pants. Though I see them online all the time, I have never found them in an actual store.

How do you embrace your curves?

I embrace my curves by staying true to who I am. I have a large personality and I showcase that through my puffy sleeves, bold prints, florals, and large shoulder pads. I know what works for my body and I know what doesn’t. Being curvy isn’t limiting, it makes you more creative and daring. When the world tells me “no,” I respond “HELL YES, and let me show you how.” I’ve always heard, “you are pretty for a big girl” or “you dress nice for a big girl.” Sure I’m thick and curvy, but it’s not who I am. My curves are merely what I was blessed with.  I’ll rock my curves every day, all day. It’s the only way I know how.

Picture this: At the time you wear something and you think it’s the baddest shit going, but then later you’re like OMG? WTF? Would you care to describe if this has ever happened to you.
HAHHAHAH YES HONEY!!! Back in high school, I was an urban brand whore. Excuse my language. I loved Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat. I wore them ALL the time. I spent almost $100 on one pair of jeans. I thought I was the most fashionable person in the world. I look back at older photos of me and I laugh because I wouldn’t be caught dead in those things now. However, I don’ t condemn persons who continue to wear the brands.  I can only laugh at myself because that was the old SheRea and I’ve grown and evolved.  That was a part of my past and I embrace that. I grow every day. That’s life. That’s my reality.

What is something daring that you want to introduce to your wardrobe?
Not so much daring, as fabulous LOL. I would LOVE some harem pants as I said before. The only thing is that I’m skeptical to buy them online.  My thighs and butt hold no punches and I want to make sure the pants are flattering. I ALWAYS try on bottoms, because I never know with my lower half. I hope to find some soon so I can rip the runway and turn heads. I’ll let you know when I get some. 

What is the one thing (clothes, makeup or whatever) that transforms you (into sexy you, smart you, confident you or glamour you) when you wear it?
I always feel sexy in leggings, whether I dress them down with a t-shirt and sneakers to exercise or I wear them with combats or a cute top. Leggings hug me in the right places and  they are sooo comfortable. I love my men’s dress pants, but I swear to you, I fly in leggings. They make me feel free AND fabulous.

Any tips or secrets you want to share about shopping or plus fashion style?

I think people should try to thrift more. Thrifting offers soooo many great things for women of both straight sizes and plus sizes. There are sooo many possibilities. No one likes to look like the person sitting beside them and thrifting eliminates that. Thrifting is virtually the only thing I do and it works.  As LOCA said, keep safety pins. You never know when something might rip or tear or when a button comes loose or something is too big. Keep them with you constantly. Also, racks can’t be trusted. Try on a piece on your lovely body. It’s our bodies that make an outfit and not the other way around. Racks don’t do remarkable clothes any justice. Give odd and out there pieces a second look. You never know. Oh yea, don’t be afraid to try on smaller sizes. I’ve picked up many Large straight size dresses in a thrift store and they fit me perfectly. Our bodies are funny things. Believe that. 

No more questions, the floor is yours....any last minute messages and or shout outs to our lovely bloggers and readers?
Hi Loves, Mele is AWESOME!!! I recently discovered her blog and I’m hooked. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I’d like to apologize for rambling on, but I love to talk and once I start, I can’t  stop.

I reiterate: TRY THRIFTING and Live. Laugh. Love Thrift. Check out my blog: to see how I transform thrifted pieces. Also remember that being plus size, curvy, thick, or whatever you consider yourself is not a death sentence. Don’t hide in your clothes, give life to your clothes. Be beautiful, wonderful, and extraordinary!!!!!!!


  1. LOL at the Urban brand whore! I was just talking with my sister about this the other day. Growing up in Australia RnB n Hip Hop was never really a mainstream thing...... I would wait each month for the SOURCE magazine to drop and devour all the new eye candy in it's advertising pages...."ARGHHH THAT SHIT IS SOOO COOL" I thought.....and my art teacher had a lil dig about me and my love for this subculture.....she wasnt being mean...she could just see then what I see now.... I can love it just as much without having to be like it! It did however unearth Common...(who I wish I could marry) and I also used to copy all the crazy braid styles on my sisters when A-Keys dropped we'd have everyone asking us to do their hair....and we'd get paid $50 so that was GOLD cause my parents could never afford to give us pocket money! YEW!

    and your attitude is SMOKING!! Glad we connected!!!

    Mele xo

  2. ohhhhhhh this is freaking fantastic and this girl is seriously the bomb!!!!!
    and thank you a million for following me I am stalking the hell out of your blog and following you back honey!! xxxx

  3. hahhaha at marrying Common Mele. I wish you could braid my hair right now:) You are awesome and I'm glad that I've connected with you baby doll. I hope we keep in touch. Thanks again for this opportunity.

    @Yeliz, thanks baby:) I can always count on you for love and support

    Mucho Love,

    Live. Laugh. Love Thrift.

  4. BTW Mele, lets hang out!!! I can meet up with both you and Yeliz in Aussie!!!

  5. UMMMMM HELL YES!!! When ever you touch these shores.....I'll be waiting with a cute sign at the airprt!!! he he he he

    MUCH LOVE xo

  6. Great post!! I'm lovin miss ladies style, confidence, and her beautiful smile!

  7. I LOVE that full skirt in the first photo on the left in the bottom collage of three photos (did that make any sense?) It's patterned and flirty and just so fun!