Monday, May 2, 2011

It's my party!

No not even, there's no but it IS my birthday today! I wish there was a party but I'm miles away from home and any attempt at a real birthday celebration without my family and friends just seems to make it more dismal. The plan this time last year was to watch Friday Night Lights all night long so that I would sleep through my birthday and not miss being at home and or with my didn't work...and I was  called out by my friends (who at the time were here teaching too) for a dinner and a chocolate sponge cake that was made from scratch at their house with their two kids, the Pastor and another colleague. Its kinda sad because none of them are here now (I work at a hard school so staff turn over is high)....and I miss them too....

But don't worry! This is not a depressing I don't do this so y'all can feel sorry for me....not this year...I'm grown....27 years old to be exact (by the way I don't feel that old....I feel like I don't know anything....or maybe only a smidge more than what I did when I was 22) bro I'm closer to 30 than I am to 20......but it's all good! This year I have decided that I will have a GREAT birthday by myself....I will cook something that I want to eat and enjoy it (like most of you girls out there on a health kick, I have been doing the same too), I am going to take a walk and take some photos...I might even dress up when I go into town and post some letters and I will put my boots on and dance to Ne-yo's "Everything Tonight" even if I am by myself I am going to have fun...cause like I said in the previous post....LIFE'S GOOD! I already received a special gift via email from my bestie Emma.... don't you think it's the cutest?

She also went through all the trouble to make and record me a lil birthday rap! I wish I could show you guys cause it made me laugh so much.... and she made me one last year (below)....Man I'm not even gonna front. I'm so blessed to have good people in my life.

Last year I also received a little box of goodies from my sister some of my college sisters...It was so cute because we met up during the Easter holidays and watched "The Last Song" and they all found cute carved turtles because it reminded them of the last time we were together...I got a lil Elvis mirror (I love Elvis!), lollies, letters and a Friends DVD....that was  my lil guaranteed "laugh out loud" dose needed when missing home.
Okay so I started typing this blog post last night and I thought I would finish it off today by telling you how my day went.

I woke up early and went for a walk like I said I would....I took my camera (and have pics that I will post up soon). I went to town and posted mail and some cash for my Mami and Aunty's Mother Day....I swear there is nothing better than getting a card when money falls out...even if its $5 its just soooo good to see the magic drop! 

I saw a pretty boy in Farmer Jacks (yes I'm for real that's the name of the supermarket) and really that is gold in itself...ask my old house mate Catherine.....we are sooo starved for eye candy out in the bush. He was like a half cast islander in his dirty mining outfit looking for some laundry powder.... I should have offered to wash them.....Okay lets not go that far :P it was just someone new to notice :)

When I arrived home I got a visit from Miss Karen...she wanted to give my something and places two notes in my hand. I was like "What's this for? No please take it, I don't need it" and she insisted. She said "I know you're not poor but the Holy Spirit prompted me to give you this" and I said "It's my birthday today"......(last year I didn't want to tell anyone). She also prayed for me...and that was a wonderful gift too!

Then I was chatting in gmail to my friend Emma and we got the video chat working because for some reason my Skype would install. So I got to see and talk to her! 

Then my new couch arrived. Its all soft and pretty and it will encourage me to use my lounge space since I usually stick to my room cause its pretty big.....then I went with some other friends to take all these bags of clothes that were left in my house to the tip...and I found a dress that I liked amongst it!

After I signed into facebook and received lovely birthday messages I also found a video my old house mate and brother had made me. It is so nice seeing people from home.

Needless to say; I had a GREAT day! I don't know if it was the power of positive thinking....but SOMETHING went right. And even though I'm away from home I feel loved, blessed and happy. 

P.S. As it is now, I share my birthday with two I gotta share it with Mariah and Nicks twins!!! I wonder how she went during labour?

Big Love

Falala Mele xo

Also Congratulations to Susalie of Babydoll Vanity Box she was the lucky winner of the Broome Moonlight Pearl Earring giveaway....Thanks to everyone who entered and don't worry...I already have some stuff for the next giveaway....I love it...when I'm out shopping now I think...Hmmm what would they like?


  1. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Wow! Mele, I had no idea you were in your late 20's! How exciting?! You make the best collages! I hope you have a superb day and get all that you want honey! <333

    xoxo daisy,

  2. hiya luv!

    i love birthdays and i love cake!! i hope you can feel all the love i'm sending over through the internet :)
    happy birthday mele! hope you have a good one.


    ps i hope you'll bump into the cute boy at farmer jacks again...

  3. Happy happy happy birthday!! Your friends are so sweet :) Let us know if you see that cute boy again!

    And thank you for having the giveaway, you're the SWEETEST. I love the way you edit your pictures.

  4. i love this post & your nail polish :)