Friday, April 29, 2011

LG: Life's Good


 Just wanted to share a few snaps of Broome....Like I said was HOT and very pretty...and I miss it atm because it is..... *clears throat to sing*

"RAINING its pouring, the old man is snoring"

and that is freaking weird because it is usually so dry here (being the desert)....for the last three mornings I have woken up to the sound of rain......partly because I love that sound and it is so foreign out here and also because the rain brings CENTIPEDES and I am scared shitless of them because they are fugly looking creatures, they move so fast, they can be hiding in your bed, shoes or ANYWHERE and they are supposed to HURT like a mo'fo if they bite/sting you (I don't know exactly what they do, and I do not really want to find out) I got up and sprayed the doorways and around the floor with insect spray in the hopes of keeping them at bay...and so far so good! 

The rain really poured today.....after a trip into town to restock my groceries (and paying $4 for one red capsicum.....>.< the prices of fresh (if you can call it that) produce out here is ridiculous) and wading through various flooded roads.....I was home....and today I didn't miss anyone or anything....I heated my vegetable and lentil soup, hung up my new jacket (I made it into the Op Shop again) and curled up in my bed and watched Mad Men. 

LG Life's Good <3

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. Beautiful pictures! And... is that a camel?

  2. Oh wow, these pictures are gorgeous!

  3. Love the pictures girlie! AND THAT FOOD LOOKS SO YUM! Life is surely beautiful, i love your blog its soooo colorful and makes me feel at ease. I want to feel at ease as you do, u seem so together, i admire that!

    mwah girlie! beautiful post!

  4. broome looks heavenly! so picture perfect. definitely putting it on my 'to visit before i die' list ;)
    thanks for sharing the pics mele!

  5. Amazing pictures, AMEN TO THAT--Life is sooo good girl!

    xoxo daisy,

  6. LOL to the beach bums!! HAHAHAHA