Friday, May 20, 2011

Black and foral OOTD. 2

 Sorry about the mirror pose....I really hated doing it....cause I usually see tweens doing this with a buttload of eyeliner and their little bras exposed....and its in the toilet....ARGHHH SO TACKY! 

Anyways this is an outfit from Broome that I  forgot to post and I had no one to take a nice photo....*giggling to myself*....while my collegues are the sweetest....I am totally different from them. I mean I can get along with most people because I try to talk and generate SOMETHING to talk about.....but on most days I think they look at me and think "Why does she dress up? Poor girl, we are in the middle of nowhere".....well chap sometimes thats the point! 

If I'm bored I will usually wear something loud, funny or silly just to get a reaction....or for the fun of it.....I mainly do it as a game between myself and the kids in my class. I have a pair of bright yellow flat shoes...and I have the same pair in black....I wore them odd to school one day because I had black and yellow on in my clothes....and the kids FREAKED out...and laughed and told me all day "Miss you got wrong shoes on" of the smaller kids who doesnt really speak that much english looked at me, then my shoes and then shook his head....not as if he was disapproving....but he was just trying to tell me that I got it wrong.....But really, who says odd is wrong? Odd is just another word for different and I'd rather be different than the same as anyone else!

Totally being a tourist....I have no shame)
Big Love,
Falala Mele xo


  1. I love this combo! That top is just super pretty with the florals on black! and hahaha, i laughed at your little blurb on teens and mirror poses! hahaha
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  2. thank you Laura...but so true right!

  3. I love that top! All those beautiful colors make me smile! Your high pony tail is so chic, btw!


  4. You are so pretty! I love you in the floral print. Love your sunnies too! I could just imagine those little teens doing all that you said. They are so corny! haha Kiah

  5. i need you to be my stylist! i absolutely love your style!

  6. You are such a cutie! Love the floral print and those adorable sunnies! Cute Cute Cute!

  7. Cute outfit! Love your nails and lip color; they're so bright! :D

  8. aww you on your 10 star resort golf cart ... <3 fresh outfit, slicked back ponytail, SEXY LEGS and i love there's just enough for your nails and lipstick to be accentuated.
    tu est belle!! je suis tres jaloux!

  9. ahhhh the florals are phenomenal and you are too gorgeous, loveeeeee the 'butloads of eyeliner and bras popping out' AH MAKES ME CRINGE! but you have made it all glass, so don't fret dear, you look so sweet! xx

  10. cute post!!

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