Saturday, April 16, 2011

blow out your candles

Clothes & Shoes: Kmart
Beret: Best and Less
shoes: $7.50 top:$30 jacket: $19

So I arrived back from Broome yesterday and spent the first night in my new house. I didn't sleep much because I'm still getting used to the space. It's not mine yet....even though I have the key it's still nothing to  me yet....just four walls....I hope that it will become home....because frankly I think I'm a little homesick :'(

I have no phone line out, no mobile coverage....just the net that my friend kindly left connected for me before she left.....the only thing is....its like 500mg peak and 1G off peak FOR THE WHOLE ENTIRE MONTH! I know its terrible and because I am so remote the internet prices are insane due to the fact that there is only 2 providers out here.....ANYWAYS this post is not for a big whinge....its to share some pics from my cousins birthday dinner. I was lucky enough to catch up with them before I left home and it makes me smile to look at these pics....and kinda reminds me that home is only 2 plane flights away....

We had dinner at Carlingford Korean BBQ...and I have to say....its fun cooking your food on the hot coals....but not if your HUNGRY!!! Lol...I mainly ate garlic bread and vegetables because they were the quickest thing to cook.... But the company was it always is with family.... MISS YOU GUYS....Happy Birthday Taufa...

One more thing before I sign out.....I purchased some pearls in Broome for my first ever in a few days I will post up the details and a picture of the pretty pearl earrings!! Follow if you haven't already for your chance to win :)

Hope you are all well tonight...Big Love

Falala Mele xo


  1. wooot!! lovin the new pics and THAT jacket!! :) You really look Aaa-MAZING!! :) forty followers...movin on up ;) LAAAA-OVE YOOOU.

  2. Ooh la la, Love your outfit, you always get the bomb deals.


  3. wow, it always looks like you have the most fun with your friends and family! And you look fab doing it too! <33

    Great tan sandals btw :)


  4. I am lucky to have a great family....There so many of us kinda around the same age so theres usually like atleast 20 of us when we all decide to meet up and go out...Its great going out in force cause no one wants to cause any drama with us!! and theres always someone to dance with...when one is tired someone is tagged on the dancefloor!

  5. Great pics and you look amazing! Looks like you all had a great ol' time! There's nothing like family!

  6. I love the way you take your pictures and edit them! Your outfit is so cute, and I like your shoes lots :)