Sunday, April 17, 2011

Deep Sea Moonlight Pearl Earrings Giveaway: In between the palm trees

Top: Best & Less $29  Tights: Target $10 Shoes: Target $10

Even though Broome (Western Australia) is such a beautiful place...the humidity is just like any other tropical place...warm and sticky :(
By the time you arrived at the conference one could easily be dripping with sweat. For most of my outfits I opted for a light flowing shirt with some short black tights. I had a baggage restriction so I had to make sure I could mix and match with a small amount of options. Because the outfit has a lot of black and bold pattern I decided to add some colour with beads, polish and a headband. The clean slick hair and nude face allowed the red lips to pack a punch. I like this look because it is simple and fresh and it worked in the sticky weather. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

Also onto more important things, as promised I have a beautiful pair of pearl earrings up for grabs. There is only 40 followers so far so the odds are good! I really would love to keep them for myself but I love all the feedback you guys give so I wanted to start off with something nice :) I usually wear the fake pearls you can buy in Diva and Equip but I guess there is just something special about a girl with real if you would like a chance to win these you need to do a few things:

1) You need to be a follower of Falala Mele (click "Follow" on the lower right hand side bar)
2) You need to leave your email address so that I can contact you
3) You must either leave the title and line in a song that has the word "pearl" in it OR
    you can describe what you would wear with these pretty pearls.

The winner will be notified in two weeks time on Monday the 2nd of May 2011.

Good luck!

Falala Mele xo


  1. I want to start by saying this outfit is lovely and casual! When it's humid here, I just wear as little clothing as possible... Usually cut off shorts and a tank!

    Ouuuu I love the last requirement for this giveaway haha! I already follow love, my email is francetajohnson[@]msn[.]com and my lyric is "cant believe she’s become a shell of herself, cause she used to be a pearl" - Katy Perry "Pearl"

    Frantic Dreams

  2. Your outfits are always so cute! I live in Florida, so I know exactly what you mean about humidity. Thank goodness for light fabrics!

    The earrings are absolutely gorgeous. :)

    "If I gave you diamonds and pearls
    Would you be a happy boy or a girl
    If I could I would give you the world
    But all I can do is just offer you my love."

    My e-mail address is

    <3 Miranda

  3. You're so beautiful, I love that face shot. Those shoes are bomb too!


  4. Oh no, I was going to quote Prince! I'll tell you how I would style them instead then:

    A pretty updo for the hair, A peach pussybow top with a black pencil skirt and some leopard print heels!

    I think you look lovely btw, the top is very cute and I totally feel you on the sticky weather thing, thank goodness for air conditioning.

  5. Hi Melz

    Im loving the blog so far esp your lil finds or bargains as we like to call them..your outfit is a YAH, esp as you used the red lipstick to add the colouring that you for the song with the word "pearl"

    Black Pearl precious little girl, let me put you up where you belong..

    An older song by Sonny Charles and The Checkmates way before our time lol...

  6. vakaheketaha_s: OHHHH COOL Ima youtube it....its the greatest thing to find old school songs.... <3

  7. i know i won't win but anyways...

    do you remember this from Angie Stone's "Black Diamond" album?

    "We set up a judge of color
    For the darker shade
    Set us up to never win

    Stifling one another, slamming doors
    Pushin' and shovin' each other, oh

    Black diamonds and blue pearls
    Small bits of sand
    Made by the hand that bruised the world

    Oh, black diamonds and blue pearls
    Molded of clay, taught just to pray
    And to be proud of..."

    it just popped into my head :) it was an interlude , its called Black Diamonds & Blue Pearls - she the bidness xx

  8. yes I do remember that... I loved reference <3

  9. Jackson 5 ; Mama's Pearl :)

    "Mama's pearl, let down your curls
    Won't you give my love a whirl
    Find what you've been missin'
    What you've been missin'
    Oooh-oooh now baby
    Daddy's girl, let down your curls
    Won't you give your heart a twirl
    Don't keep me wishin'
    Keep me wishin'" . xx
    p.s. you look GORGEOUS in your pics mele :D

  10. 1st of all I must say that you look beautiful! It is a total YAY for me! I love the bare skin and eyes with the bold lips! AMAZING! When I think of a song with pearl in it I think of Prince's "Diamonds & Pearls". I don't know the lyrics exactly. lol I would wear those earrings with an LBD (little black dress) of course. Classic and clean! Kiah

  11. wowww! I agree with Kiah, you look stunning honey! I love how you paired up those shorts and that popping red lipstick adds so much life to your outfit!

    Oh and that bun!
    I love, love, love it all girl!


  12. i've just started reading your blog and i'm already so in love with you! you're so so so gorgeous and i adore your style. can't wait to see more.

  13. ♥nice post.)) love your blog♥

  14. U look amazing, love ur blog so much, so im a new follower for sure...
    Ur style is flawless!
    Plus the lipstick makes the outfit even better :)

  15. Gorgeous pictures :) I really like your bold, red lip! Very gutsy. I rarely wear RED lips because I'm afraid I'll smear it on my face or get it on my teeth LOL

    If your giveaway is international, then please count my entry! If not, then I'll just be happy that I found your cute blog <3

    GFC: Susalie
    Email: susalie at hotmail dot com
    Hmmm. Those pearls are super pretty.. I have this vision of a white flowy summer dress with lace.. Kind of a country and bohemian look, and the pearls would add a touch of elegance! (I know, kind of a strange mix)

  16. Hi Mele,
    Love your blog - I already have some pearls so I'm not entering, but I wanted to say I love how you put together your looks from really accessible and inexpensive stores in Oz.

    I run a styling challenge site called chunkyFRESHdressed, hope you will enter!

  17. Oh hai! I forgot to enter this awesome contest

    I would wear these pears with a cute denim dress and some lovely strappy heels!

    I'm already a dedicated follower who lalala loves your blog and my email is:

    "There is a woman in somalia
    Scraping for pearls on the roadside
    There's a force stronger than nature
    Keeps her will alive"-Sade, Pearls


  18. Even in Perth it's been humid lately! I can't imagine what it would be like in Broome. I've always wanted to go there.

    I just found your blog, but I'm loving your style already, and it's nice to find another Australian plus-sized blogger.

    Those are some lovely pearls. I'd probably wear them with my pleather leggings, a black shredded tunic and my stompy boots, to give them an edge. Either that, or a LBD and a riotously bright cardi!

    My email is, I look forward to reading more of your posts. :)

  19. HI Lousie! Its nice to meet you...WOW another Australian plus-sized blogger...COOL and in WA none the less.... Pleased to meet you...Whats your blog addy...I'd love to follow you right back!

  20. :] brilliant giveaway! I'd love real pearls!
    I have a little giveaway too xxx

  21. love your look!!! 2 days ago i wore a really nice matte RED lipstick and my mom almost bashed me! she thinks i look like some one from the Chinese opera! now I'm back to wearing nude shades:(

  22. Oooh, I might just have made it! Just found your blog after you followed mine! Thanks girl, I love what I've seen so far.

    With these pearls I'd go for a classic, elegant look. Maybe a LBD and heels, red lipstick and lots of black eyeliner. 50's inspired, you know!

    My email is:

    xoxo Rikke