Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Yo' + Pearl giveaway reminder

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you all have had a lovely long weekend so far. Its really quiet here today and I have no nieces and nephews around to buy eggs for so I baked some chocolate cupcakes to give out to the people who are here....I had one and its been a while since I've had sugar and butter and it was all a taste overload...dare I say it...a little too sweet >.<  At one stage the sugar rushed into the tiny hole in my tooth...that wasn't a good time.

So anyways I took some pics the other day when the builders left. I wore my new boots and tights from Target and was playing with the self timer button....oh the things you do when youre by yourself, in the bush with no kids to teach. 

These tights would actually keep you pretty warm during winter. Some people are snobs and think that tights are not real clothes but whatever...they're comfortable and cheap and I think they look cooool! I have seen some really nice pairs that girls have found online and these were my first purchase that was not your standard black. I picked up the jacket from our local Opshop for $ not bad aye.


Boots: Target $35 Tights: $12 Top: Kmart $5 Blazer: Opshop $5

Um what else? I miss everything! I miss my friends, my family, my old house mate....Im not emo or anything...just missing mah peeps is all....But Im listening to Kirk Franklin's Smile...and it makes me do just that. I havent seen or spoken to anyone in real life today...I spoke to my sister via facebook chat and have spent the day cooking, baking and looking for music and looking at blogs. I must say it has been a nice and quiet day...however I can't wait for my students to return...I'm no hermit!

The quiet days are always good for day dreaming and thinking about what was and what it yet to be! Oh the possibilities! Yes...thats me thinking about my upcoming trip again.

Right now I'd rather be here \/

or with these people
So I guess its a picture overload...but I love looking at all my beautiful family and friends and all the good times. Oh and dont forget...theres only one week left if you would like to enter the Giveaway of the pearl click on the previous post to leave your details.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. nawww missing you too, miss mele!!!
    all those pics...soooo reminiscing right now!!

    and OMG your new outfit...i must truly sound like the biggest stalker fan right now...but hot diggity damn...!! Love the boots, tights...and that blazer!!!! suuuch a good find!!..:)

  2. oh, and the banner and the font...soooo coool!!

  3. what would I do without you my friend? Dont worry we are so NY bound! (Lol now we sound like losers together! He he he he Thats what friends are for!)

  4. 1st of all let me get this out of the way....."GIRL YOU LOOK HOT!!" OMG! I am feeling those tights, the jacket, the shoes....the hair...AMAZING! This outfit really compliments your figure nicely! LOVES IT! I am so sorry that you are feeling so lonely right now. I am here in Dallas without family or friends too so I can totally relate. Chatting and talking on the phone is sometimes not enough! I love your picture collage. muah and Happy Easter! BTW - I expect one of the those cupcakes in the mail. This is the same thing I be telling Myeshia and I still ain't received jack! lol Kiah

  5. i HATE that you can fit shoes in Australia...well not just you exclusively, everyone who can! Not fair at all dear.

    you look nice!

  6. Heart your outfit super cute! Omgosh those cupcakes look so amazing!

  7. awwwwww Mele! :) You look so fierce in that outfit girl #work. I have a pair of tights much similar to those from Torrid. I haven't worn them in public because of my fear of people judging my lack of clothes but you have so inspired me to give them a try! Those boots are so badasss! Those cupcakes look yummy and I can't wait for you to reunite with your family & friends and have a blast like you always do! You are so gorgeous!!


  8. ohhhh you look great in all these pictures. Hey Mele, i like you hair like that too, parted down the middle. It makes you look kinda tough or something, haha!!


  9. Pretty pics!!! :)))

  10. This outfit, and you, are so fierce. I am loving the tights so much!

  11. Hi, I just found your blog, very cool and Stylish, I will Follow you:)

  12. So fierce! Love those leggings!


  14. Nice post and pictures
    Girl, U look fab and your shoes are so HOTTTTT ;;)

    yummy yummy that's why I <3 easter!

  15. This looks amazing. Love that necklace, it brings it all together beautifully!!

  16. Awesome leggings, love your look ;)