Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aussie Curves: LBD

Little Black Dress aka Lifesaver.
Throughout the years my personal style has changed a lot. Sometimes I look back at old photos and either cringe or laugh. There's rarely a photograph where I think "Dayum had it right then." 

I mean when do you ever truly get it right

At least there is the LBD. It's like your best friend; reliable and it always makes you feel good. It always has your back and it's fuss free. Throw it on with a few accessories and you can transform your look instantly. I have two that currently sit in my wardrobe and I wore my Forever 21 LBD to my cousin's graduation party. I picked it up in New York on my first ever trip in 2011.

Mum, Theresa, Dad and I with Sia on her graduation.

I helped organise my cousin's grad party so throughout the evening I was running around with family to ensure that everything was running smoothly. I had like an hour to get ready after setting up the hall so this LBD was a beautiful timesaver. I paired it with my leather belt and brown wedges for a subtle contrast.

 Look at how beautiful my family look in their LBDs. Perfect for all shapes and sizes.

The ladies loved the boys show. 

Also thought I'd add in a little LBD flashback. 
LBD 2011
LBD 2012
LBD 2013
Big Love,

Falala Mele.


  1. hiya mele!
    i'm not worthy... you are the LBD queen!
    love your LBD flashback.

  2. Beautiful! I'm crazy about that last dress {LBD: 2013}, can you share where it is from pleeeeaaaassse?

    1. I actually picked it up from Kmart for like $12 dollars a few years ago. It's a straight size 16 but they were all reduced dramatically because I think the sizing was off and the plus ladies that would have fitted it perfectly didn't think to look in the straight sizes.

  3. I love this post!! So many gorgeous happy pics! and I love your LBD!

  4. Damn that's one good looking family! Love your lippy too x