Saturday, August 17, 2013

Aussie Curves: Feminine

Dress: Vintage Floral Australian Dress made in Melbourne. $2.50 at the Salvos
Hat from Cabramatta for $2
Boots: Target  /  Glasses: Cotton On

Hello my fellow Falalas,

I've finally made it back to the Aussie Curves challenge list. I'm so excited to be back and primarily because two of my girls have decided to join the challenge this year. I've been very fortunate to grow up around beautiful girls. Sally was my high school and we did everything together. Our love for music and food and Koori culture and all things ghetto brought us together. Our tastes and interests developed and our lives rolled out on different tracks but I still count her as one of my homegirls. She's been through a lot lately and I'm so happy that she's out there being bold and fierce not matter what. This is her contribution to the Aussie Curves Feminine week. I'm digging the floral dress. Nothing seems more feminine than a dress with a floral print. Sal's hair is freaking awesome too!

Then there's Lo. My curvaceous sister from another Mister and the first person I featured on my blog in the WHAT SHE'S WEARING POSTS see HERE. We met in college and pretty much became inseparable when she moved into dorms. She went off to Hong Kong when she graduated and moved to Mildura after that job. She is now the Deputy Principal of our little school. She is the main reason why I decided  to move here. I thought it's be awesome to be paid to work with your friend. The Mildura adventure has been great. I have loved settling into this town and know that I will miss it when I leave at the end of the year. I'm so happy Lo decided to join in with the Aussie Curves fun and she now has a blog of her own. Click here: CONFESSIONS OF A PLUS SIZED BEAUTY. Be sure to check her out and follow. This is a new adventure for her so why not share the journey with her.

How cute are my sister girls???

Big Love,

Falala Mele.


  1. Loving the hat and your sisters are gorgeous too!

  2. You look stunning!
    Random question, but where did you get the white dress that you wore on the FFFWeek White cruise? I love it soooo much!

  3. Amaze! Love Sal's look - it's great to another Koori girl out there flaunting her stuff :)

    My blog "I'm Just Saying" ( )is for Koori sistas wanting to keep up with the latest in beauty, entertainment and most recently fashion. I'm a size 14 so I think I might join Aussie Curves. :)