Saturday, August 24, 2013

NYC Summer: Day 4 (I think)

 Hi Falalas,

Just a quick post to share my ootd on my New York Summer Adventure.... Feels like an eternity ago now. My previous post said we had a pretty laid back day. After wondering around we came back and got changed to go to the Bloomingdales free event for FFFW. If you followed any of the FFFW events then you probably heard a lot of negative feedback for this one and that's because it wasn't really that good and the people who attended the event were mad.

I feel like the general public got the idea that we all weren't happy and even Gwen DeVoe responded to Jassifer's post on it HERE. Running a huge event like the FFFW is bound to have holes because there is just so much to do and I don't want to be negative and nit pick so I'm just gonna say that I didn't like this event and I wouldn't attend it again.

The best thing about being stuck in a small confined space was that I got to meet some awesome plus sized beauties. Some models, bloggers and of course regular people like me who just wanted to have a little look around.

This is what I wore. I thought it was about time I get out of my Chucks and after meeting Kiah from THE REZ TO THE CITY I was ready to roll outta there. On my way out I stumbled into the Magnolia bakery and picked up some ice tea and a peanut ice box. FROTH! Lol it was so nice but I couldn't finish it. Too rich and decedent but definitely worth it just to say I did.

Check out my sister's comprehensive post the Bloomingdales event HERE.

Shorts Avella (originally pants but I cut them) / Singlet Factory / Blazer Thrifted / Chain Gifted/ Shoes Target

Big Love,

Falala Mele

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