Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sonsi FFFW White Cruise: NY Summer

Sia, Jen of Seraphim Clothing & I

After figuring out that we wouldn't be able to make it to Europe this summer, there was something that seemed to soften that blow. The thought of meeting up with fellow bloggers to party in NYC on the harbour excited me immensely. Ever since I first watched Honey Daniels all those years ago attend that deliciously cool black and white party I've always wanted to go to one (ha ha LAME I know). During my early college years I organised a black and white party for my friends; one was celebrating her 18th birthday and the other was celebrating her 21st birthday. It was a crazy night. We caught the train into the city with cases of those cheap vodka premixes....I think they were called "Voodoos" or something. We ran a muck through the city screaming our "Cheeeeeeehoooooooo" calls letting everybody know the Polynesians were out to play. But something was missing. Oh of course. NEW YORK CITY!

It's crazy to think that these Poly girls have grown up into young *coughs* ladies and that we dress in white and attend events in New York. No I'm not bragging. I'm legit just thinking "How the hell did that happen?"

Still being that proud Niuean & Australian girl that I am, I wanted to wear something that let everybody know who I am and where I'm from. My accent had the Australian heritage covered so I wore a fou-fou (a floral headpiece worn on special events or when one dances). My mother gave it to my sister and I. I also packed the other for our cousin Sia. My Mum brought them back from New Zealand after our family reunion last April. You didn't see this because I didn't post this up.

But ultimately I wanted to be comfortable and to feel pretty. At home (Australia) my hair was being good but in New York it was fizzy as hell. UGHH. Oh well. YOLOd that shit. I also wore my coconut earrings that my friend Malo got me when she went to Samoa and the bracelet I got from Ruth when she went to Samoa. I actually didn't realise this until now :) Wore my trusty Moda dress that I picked up like 3 years ago and my pearl cluster ring when I was in Broome. For the shoes I chose the comfy Rivers low-heeled sandals.

It was so weird because I had been looking forward to this event ever since I found out about it. When I arrived I met up with the Aussie girls I had been talking to on our own Facebook forum. It was nice to know some people there. It was also the first time I had caught up with Gabby and Candice since our arrival so we were all excited and had a million questions and things to catch up on.

I started to recognise many other bloggers and didn't really know to approach them. I was torn between excitement (and wanting to dance as soon as I got on the boat) and nerves. When I'm nervous I just talk too much. But I met Kellie B and Jassifer. Two bloggers whose style I admire. From then it was all sort of a blur. The boat was packed and almost impossible to mingle with everyone. I ultimately chose to hang out with my girls because I didn't want to waste a beautiful evening getting caught up trying to do 'everything' and have no real memories of the night.

Instead we danced, laughed and tried with all our might to win a door prize. I went off to find food and ended up dancing with another lady whom I met in the line outside and promised that I would dance with her when we got inside.

I met Bec (her dress was my favourite of the white party) and boogied with Olivia and pulled pretty ugly faces with Sam. I hugged Dani and chatted with Ashley and met Inez of Style Chic 360 and Sandra of La Precosa Preciosa. The overall night was not exactly what I expected, but it was still great. We had our own little after party and Pie Face so no complaints here. Check out my instragram account @mele2541 for more photos under #melenyc.

Inez of Style 360, Jen of Seraphim Clothing and my sister Theresa of He called her Siki-Lou.
The Curvy and Curly ClosetFatshion Insider & my girls.
Curvy Sam, Plus Side of Me, Jassifer Lion's Club & Wait until the Sunset
Check my beautiful sister's post HERE. Don't these two look like mermaids?

Big Love,

Falala Mele.

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  1. Gorgeous party! I love seeing some of my faves in one post! Love your Floral Crown too.