Monday, July 29, 2013

NYC Summer Day 3 MOMA

Thrifted Skirt $2 / Knitted Tank Factory $5 / Converse $50 / Hat $2 Ken Done Bag $2

Hiiiii! Guys I'm so excited because I'm back and I officially have the internet at home now!!! Seriously we have spent the last year living on prepaid net that barely loaded a page. Now I have the net I'll be able to keep up to date with blogs and shows and all the important things.

So now that I'm back online I thought I'd get right back to posting up my New York trip. I'm hoping that now I have my net back on I will be more inclined to post and share with you guys. So this was day 3. We wanted to have a kick back day because we had the White Cruise that evening and we have the worst habit of going ALL DAY and leaving only about 20 minutes left to get ready.

So we decided to head off to the MOMA and soak up all the greatness that is within it's doors. I have been 2 years earlier but it was so nice to watch my cousin Sia walk around and see all the art she had studied in high school. She was like "I don't remember the names of the art but I remember the artwork and this is awesome."

I'm always excited to see Gauguin's works especially his art with strong Micronesian themes from his time spent in French Polynesia.


I miss this. 6 more months. 6 more months.

Big Love,

Falala Mele

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