Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Viva Magazine Feature

I arrived home after work totally exhausted. It was 8:00pm and I left my house when it was 6:00am. So I left when it was dark and came home when it was dark. It's week 5  of our 10 week school term and this hump week is not gonna pass as fast as the first four weeks.

Anyways as I was scrambling through the mail trying to find important papers for important matters that needed to be dealt with immediately. I found a big envelope with my name on it. As I picked it up I knew what it was. I didn't want to open it. There was like a little party of nerves and curiosity bouncing around in my head or tummy all at once. So my sister did the honors of ripping it open and turning the pages.

"It's probably right at the back" I said.

"It's probably really tiny" I said.

"I probably look crook" I said.

But as we found the page in Viva (a fashion/lifestyle publication from Amsterdam, The Netherlands) I started to giggle with excitement. My sister and cousin were like "COOOOOOOL you're in a magazine!" as she proceeded  to read the foreign language in a funny accent.

Sometimes my dear blog, you just seem to save my life.

Actually, it seems as though you save my life quite a lot. Thank you Falala Mele and to all my lovely followers and visitors. You are the people reading and the ones I share things with and when small things like this happen to my little old blog, it just makes a world of difference to an ordinary day.

Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. Oh my effing gosh...Carmel YOU'RE IN AN EFFING MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I see pics of the article dammit?? Love you!! So damn proud right now!!!!!!!

  2. Ahhhhhh this is amazingggggggg so happy for u melessss


  3. I know i love reading your blog! congrats!

  4. omg! *sharing the excitement* you're a bonafide celeb now :) crack open a bottle of cristal hehe
    you do realize that every time you post something, it makes a difference to my ordinary day
    luv, jijixx

  5. Awwww Mele thats awesome hahahaha The Netherlands WOOHOO!!!!!

  6. Thank you for showing me your magazine, it was so nice.