Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 4 rooftop & wanderings NYC

Hello my amazing readers :)  How are you all? Well I think I have been back for about a month now and 
my New York adventure feels like a lifetime ago. I'm busy with work (just had the school athletics carnival today) and my sister and niece and little cousin have come to stay for a little while. So even though I miss my NY summer, I have been having fun adjusting to a new place together while celebrating a little win with gaining jobs, getting back into our healthy food and exercise regime and planning little weekend getaways.

But back to this glorious day. Day 4 of the adventure and the previous day was SOOOOO hot so I took no chances. I got my sister to braid all my hair out of the way. Not the most amazing's quite boring I know.....but I just don't wanna mess with comfort when it comes to facing stinking hot days. So I pulled on my yellow chucks and black light floral blouse from K-mart with my $2 thrifted earrings and my birthday glasses from lovely friend Moala. I got compliments on my earrings and my Frida-eqsue look (that's what they said).

My lovely ladies Ruthie and sissy Theresa

Speaking of hot....doesn't my sister look absolutely fly! I swear people couldn't handle it. Guys would literally pull up at traffic lights, wave us down in cafes just to blow her kisses and share 3 second love letters (a hand scrawled sign that said BEAUTIFUL)..... It was so hilarious to us because guys just don't seem to have that game here in Australia. In the US men appreciate beauty and if they like what they see, then they will let you know......most of the time it's not creepy so who are we to argue with that.
I may not mention her much in my blog but that is because she has her very own blog and since we do a lot of the things together, I try to keep her photographs separate so she can do her own thing with it on her blog. She is just getting into her blog now and she is an excellent writer so you should definitely FOLLOW her!

Loving the view from our rooftop. Isn't it just sooooo pretty? I miss this so much.

I'm so sorry if you are sick of hearing about it. I just can't help it. Feel free to just scroll through the pics. I promise you I don't mind. No hard feelings okay ;)

Best parts of the day:

  • Finding the BEST frozen yoghurt on this trip.
  • Meeting our crazy friend who screamed at us to scare us and we just busted out laughing. Note to crazy NY'ers...we don't scare easily ;) WE LOVE CRAZY!
  • The man who was just wandering around and singing top note some old school song.
  • Spending time with two of my most favourite people in the whole world and sharing one of my most favourite places.

  • Finding the home of the free vagina that was given to us the previous day. LOL
  •  "Do you want this? I was like "No thanks" and my sister was like "SURE I LOVE FREE THINGS!" After playing with it and reading the instructions we realised with was an imitation vagina. Gotta love freaky art right? Keith Haring you funny guy! You got us!
Winning at life when you find photo booths. I can never walk away from one. If I have money and I see a photo booth I have to be in it!

I'm not sure how good the quality of the photo will be but I will still add it because I can and I want to :)

Hoping that you have a purposeful week. 
Make a huge difference by doing a kind thing. 
You may just change somebody's world.

Photo Credit: Theresa Yeates (above two photograph's) 

 Big Love,

Falala Mele xo


  1. hi mele!
    you shoulda 'pimp' your sis! lol get greencards for everyone! *i keed i keed*

  2. I love the hair in braids look! I wish I could actually do them on myself I always try through youtube tutorials but still can't get the hang of it!

    You girls all look gorgeous in your pics! x


  3. Lol I didn't think of that Jiji ;)

    Thanks Callie....braids can be a drag,...I can't part to save my life but luckily I had my trusty sister to hook me up!

  4. That rooftop is huge, Mele. The floor is attractive, the weather is fine, the view from up there is amazing, and you guys are looking so fabulous. The tall buildings are a perfect background for you to take awesome pictures. That rooftop has a superb view, and I bet you and your girlfriends had a great and memorable bonding time together.

    Kip Whitehead

  5. “Spending time with two of my most favourite people in the whole world and sharing one of my most favourite places.”--- Well, nothing would be greater than this! It's an awesome feeling, right? The view from your rooftop is really beautiful. I really like the first photo the most. You just looked so fabulous! :D