Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 5 NYC: Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir & Katz's Deli

Hello my lovely ones,

How are you all? I'm so glad it is the weekend because now I get to post to you all. Tomorrow is Saturday so no 5am start tomorrow :D Thank you for all the kind comments on my little Viva feature. It was so fun to share the excitement with you all. THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE! It always makes me grin up real big when I hear from you guys.

But enough of all that. It's time to get back to Day 5 of the New York Summer Adventure. So if you have been reading you will know that the previous night was spent out in Brooklyn hanging with Gabby and Candice eating Ethiopian food, dancing at Mo's and attending a school supplies drive and fashion mixer for Congolese school girls.

Anyways we didn't get home until 6:00am and the girls were hungry so we stopped at a little food van to pick up a lamb Gyro (I think that's what you call it) before falling into bed. I swear 3 seconds later (try 2 hours later) the alarm went off. I dragged my ass out of bed because it was Sunday and we made plans to go visit the Brooklyn Tabernacle

I'm sooooo glad we made it back to New York because we got a chance to tick off so many things we didn't get to do the first time. This was definitely one of them. I just love the music of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and I wanted to visit the church so that I could hear the choir sing with my own two ears. So we dragged ourselves out of bed and on to the train. We followed my little google maps directions as best we could. We got a little lost and asked friendly looking people for directions. 

That Sunday morning Brooklyn was so quiet and pretty. This friendly lady gave us directions and invited us back to her place to pick up some useful literature (she was a teacher too) and even mentioned that her brother used to be a pilot in Western Australia and that we worked a lot with some indigenous peoples and communities. SUCH A SMALL WORLD because I spent my first years teaching out there in an Aboriginal school. 

After being hand delivered to the church (another friendly lady said she was walking that direction and wouldn't mind showing us the way) we sat up the back because the bottom part of FULL! Even so, the music danced past us all the way to heaven I'm sure. It was so uplifting. Even a few tears may have surfaced as another little 'nice-but-probably-possible' dreams came true. Listening to the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir live.
The Brooklyn Tabernacle choir prepare to sing :D
What I wore: Floral two-piece vintage set. Thrifted for $5. When I brought it I thought I would never wear it together

Skirt and Top / Thriftef $5 Glasses / NY street vendor $5 / Earrings / Thrifted $2 / Shoes / Converse Chucks $50

After church we were making our way to the The Meatball Shop for lunch when we stumbled
across another MUST-SEE/EXPERIENCE place.
Kat'z Deli.
Ever since I drooled over the Anthony Bourdain episode of Disappearing New York I had my heart set on going last year but I didn't make it. This year I planned to go on the very first night we arrived in NYC and eat my pastrami and rye sandwich but I figured out that we would be too late. I promised myself I would get there before I left this time but I didn't know when.
Sorry Meatball shop, but you were never gonna win over Katz's.

Come to me NOW pastrami and rye. It was $15 so quite expensive for a sandwich but the meat was just so tender!

See! Just look at that perfection. We ordered a pastrami and rye, a rueben and a brisket to share between us.

After our bellies were full to max capacity we walked to the park contemplating frozen yogurt (we were never too full to pass that up) and sat down to watch the people and the ballers pass us by.

Even when it was STINKING HOT there were crazy New Yorkers running their little hearts out at 1pm in the afternoon.

Dedication or craziness?

I love this photo of my sisters hair. She is blessed with long thick hair that grows like a weed whereas mine is thin and boring and takes FOREVER to grow an inch :(

Her pretty dress was thrifted too. We were planning on cutting it but the next time she tried it on it fitted nicely.

We could have stayed there forever but we did have plans to meet up with our Trini-Sissys that evening so we picked ourselves up, got on the train and did some more exploring before returning back to our hotel room.

Day 5 evening post coming soon xo
PS. Check out my sissy's post on the same day here

Big Love,

Falala Mele 

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  1. What a super fab adventure! The food looks so yummy and you look so cute!